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Tin Carpenter "core" helps liberate heavy trucks and re ascend the throne

the wedding should be exemplary! Craftsman "core" interprets love! On May 22, at the entrance of the West Third Ring Road and the South Third Ring Road in Zhengzhou, a unique wedding car fleet attracted the attention of pedestrians - this is a wedding car fleet composed of 11 Jiefang heavy truck j6p pilot versions loaded with Xichai Aowei engines. When a line of 11 dazzling "China Red" carrying a "Declaration of love" passed from the South Third Ring Road in Zhengzhou, the sun shone with its ferocity and majesty, Not only did passers-by stop to admire the romantic ceremony of "walking for love", but also made the "core" of Xichai Aowei charming. "Beauty" attracts attention, and craftsman "core" determines the connotation. In the past five months, with its high quality, Xichai Aowei 11 liter engine has helped the latest Jiefang heavy trucks with high appearance, such as j6p pilot, j6p, jh6, j6m. With distinct product advantages, it has achieved a rapid growth of 36.5% in sales, not only becoming the leader in the heavy truck market, but also maintaining the top position in heavy truck sales for four consecutive months

the charm of the tin carpenter's "core" is revealed.

the red whale in the sea is suspected to have horns, and the Qi Ji in the clouds wants to pursue the wind

"Jiefang j6p loaded with Xichai Aowei engine has a good appearance, which is really high-end, atmospheric and high-grade 1" on May 22, Zhengzhou groom Geng Honggang, who used the j6p pilot version as his wedding car, said that his family's three generations are all die hard users of Jiefang Xichai engine, and his family has 149 Jiefang J6 heavy trucks, all of which are matched with Xichai Aowei engine, and 11 Jiefang heavy truck j6p pilot version wedding cars loaded with Xichai Aowei engine are all from his own company, This year, his father, Geng Kaixue, added five new 500 HP Jiefang j6p cars with the latest version of the Xichai Aowei 13L machine

"what an iron 'liberation Xichai' powder!" Indeed, in this era of relying on product strength to speak the lead screw, the total sales volume of Jiefang J6 car of Xichai Aowei engine has exceeded 700000. With its absolute strength, higher appearance value, more fuel-efficient advantages and more reliable features, users have regarded it as a generation of "God car" and "God machine". In particular, Xichai Aowei engine is the first diesel engine product to use four valve technology and overhead camshaft technology in China. It has a number of innovative technologies such as "FCB braking system" and "long oil change technology". It is significantly higher than its competitors in terms of product quality, dynamic performance and fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. It has helped liberate J6 from the beginning, and has become the fastest growing engine market in China The brand with the highest user recognition. This year, through a series of measures such as cooperating with the product promotion meeting of the Jiefang business representative office, Xichai has promoted the comprehensive hot sales of the new version of Xichai Aowei engine -

in the beautiful port city of Xiamen, the trading volume of a Jiefang pilot/port tractor promotion meeting with Xichai Aowei's 11 liter engine rose to 212 on the opening day; In Xuzhou, the "hometown of kings", after the FAW Jiefang J6 pilot tractor product promotion meeting, which carried Xichai Aowei 11 liter aircraft in March, achieved 267 sets of gratifying results here, 239 J6 pilot tractors were again signed at the "Pengzu hometown" promotion meeting in May; In Mengcheng, Anhui Province, the hometown of Zhuang Zi, enthusiastic users achieved a hot sales volume of 463 sets in and out of the product promotion conference in just 2 hours; 680 units were sold at the j6m Hebei regional product promotion conference held in Shijiazhuang, the "Northern Granary"; 415 vehicles were sold at the promotion meeting of J6 pilot version in Xingtai; The sales volume of 201 J6 cold zone version Changchun promotion meeting was 201...

it is these miraculous sales that make the charm of the liberation J6 heavy truck of Xichai Aowei 11 liter machine outstanding

tin carpenter's "core" achieves liberation quality

every carpenter's "core" must be extraordinary

on January 15, 2016, the Xichai Aowei engine was rated as the most satisfied commercial vehicle brand by users in 2015 by the commercial vehicle industry magazine. In terms of product performance, Xichai Aowei has conducted professional benchmarking with world brand products with the same displacement. The benchmarking results show that the overall performance is equivalent, and Xichai machine is slightly better in fuel consumption; In terms of product reliability, the latest reliability index - 12mis failure rate is 256.7, which has reached the international advanced level; In terms of product durability, the B10 life of Xichai engine is much longer than that of competitive products

as we all know, how long the service life of a car is, its engine is decisive. If we can find one of the factors in the relevant announcement, and the engine cleanliness is one of the important indicators to evaluate the manufacturing quality of the car engine. In order to ensure the manufacturing cleanliness of the pilot Aowei machine, Xichai has newly set the enterprise standard for the cleanliness of Aowei series machines and parts under the condition that its own manufacturing, that is, the system resonance cleanliness standard, is in the forefront of the industry. This standard is the highest engine cleanliness standard in the industry at present. It uses the contact area calculation theoretical limit method to determine the cleanliness improvement standard. The maximum particle control of the fuel system was increased from 500um to 400um; The maximum particle size classification standard of lubrication system has been raised from 800um to 600um, especially the control requirements for unevenly dispersed 0um particles, and the particle size classification requirements for 18 parts have been added...

is perfect and perfect. In order to improve the cleanliness of orway machine manufacturing, Xichai has formulated cleanliness improvement measures and Implementation Rules for cleanliness control from the four dimensions of self-made parts, purchased parts, logistics distribution, assembly, etc., and has adopted unified pressure cleaning means to clean parts. It has also optimized the maintenance and improvement of working position instruments and implemented unpacking measures, avoiding secondary pollution and ensuring that the cleanliness of parts has reached the domestic leading level. At the same time, the cleanliness testing environment has also been improved from the original semi open laboratory to a fully enclosed 100000 level clean laboratory

in order to ensure the quality of craftsman's "core", Xichai also introduced international advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology, used quality control systems such as standard operation instructions, error proofing technology and process control (SPC), applied the concept of "quality culture" throughout the whole product life cycle with advanced quality concepts, strict quality standards and scientific quality assurance methods, and standardized quality behavior with a strict quality management system, With the strength of an iron fist, we ensured the high-end quality of Xichai machine, let the "core" of Xichai Aowei lead the quality, and let it become a bright star in the engine industry. It not only helped Jiefang heavy truck successfully break through the bottleneck of China's independent heavy truck in terms of scientific and technological content and product quality, but also gave the heavy truck a strong foundation

tinwood craftsman "core" users have a good reputation

quality interprets high-end, and quality creates a brand. The intangible value of the brand comes from the trust and recognition of consumers -

"Xichai Aowei machine is the king of heavy truck power". When asked why Geng Kaixue, the groom's father and general manager of Zhengzhou kuntong Logistics Co., Ltd., who used the j6p pilot version as the wedding car on May 22, insisted on choosing 149 J6 cars equipped with diesel engines, Geng said, "we have used diesel engines for decades and trust their performance." As a car lover, his years of driving experience made him deeply love the J6 car. "My little achievements and happiness come from 'liberating Xichai', and now my blessings and expectations for my children should also be passed on by the Xichai liberating truck. It is the consensus of our father and son that the wedding team uses liberating heavy trucks instead of cars!"

"discovery is a process, and trust is an attitude. It is precisely for the consideration of brand effect that we will unswervingly purchase 100 liberation high-end heavy trucks with Xichai Aowei 11L engines at one time!" The boss of Shandong Dongying Dayang Logistics Co., Ltd. even explained the reason why he bought Xichai Aowei machine liberation heavy truck this year

"compared with the same type of heavy trucks, this car can save about 5 liters of oil by pulling the same heavy goods and taking the same route. It can save more than 40000 yuan a year, and I saved the money for a car in less than 7 years." Mr. He, a user in Linyi, Shandong Province, said, "after experiencing the test of time and space, my J6 car of Xichai Aowei has safely run more than one million kilometers, and the engine is still like a new one, and no part has been replaced!

" the newly upgraded 11l420 HP engine of Xichai Aowei is more reliable, with standard engine braking, no 'drenching' when going down long slopes, and reducing the use frequency of service braking, which is safe and guaranteed. " Owner Yue of Lingbi County transportation company in Suzhou City, Anhui Province, who has 160 J6 cars equipped with Xi'an diesel engine, also expressed his true love for Xi'an diesel engine


many users of Xichai Jiefang Truck also generally reflect that Jiefang heavy truck loaded with Xichai Aowei 11 liter engine can be strong, low consumption and durable, whether in the Northeast where the temperature is lower than minus 30 degrees, or in the desert where the temperature is higher than 45 degrees and the temperature is high and dry

those who made great achievements in ancient times must not only have extraordinary talents, but also have perseverance. Facts have proved that "core" has always been the core of the competition between cars, and as the heart of liberating heavy trucks, the "6m" feature of "greater torque, longer life, stronger safety, lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, and stronger adaptability" of Xichai Aowei engine has been absolutely recognized by users after years of market certification. In particular, Xichai Aowei engine adopts the world's most advanced four valve overhead camshaft structure and unique fcct combustion control technology to ensure sufficient air supply and sufficient fuel atomization; Inject the best amount of fuel at the best time and at the best spatial position of the combustion chamber, so as to achieve the effect of complete combustion, and realize the powerful and fuel-efficient engine, which has become an important element to liberate the strong and constant strength of heavy trucks

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