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Time group has become one of the top 100 influential enterprises in China's Electromechanical industry. Recently, the award ceremony was grandly held at the Centennial lecture hall of Peking University, and the 2007 China Electromechanical industry development summit was held at the same time. Shanghai has entered the "top 100 influential enterprises in China's mechanical and electrical industry" one after another due to its influence on famous enterprises such as resin viscosity automobile industry (Group) Corporation, Haier Group Corporation, Shanghai Electric (Group) Corporation, China First Automobile Group Corporation, China Eastern Electric Corporation, Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd., China machinery industry group, and Zhongguancun Science and technology park enterprise times group has steadily developed The persistent and progressive attitude of time group ranks among the top 100 influential enterprises in the mechanical and electrical industry, which shows that the influence of time group among the top 500 enterprises in the mechanical industry is soaring

time group has developed into a high-tech industrial economic entity with assets of 1.5 billion yuan, more than 40 branches and two overseas branches after more than 20 years of arduous efforts held in Beijing at the China polyurethane exterior wall insulation technology seminar. Its high-tech products are involved in five fields: testing instruments, welding equipment, intelligent frequency converters, distribution automation, and application software. With its welding equipment, time group has actively participated in the national key construction projects such as the west to east gas transmission project, the west to East power transmission project, the Three Gorges project, the South-to-North Water Transfer Project, the Three Gorges project, the Olympic Bird's nest project and so on. Many varieties of time group's testing instruments have been exported in batches to more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe, North America, South America and Australia. Its advanced technology, superior performance and good service are deeply favored and trusted by the majority of users, ranking first in the international and domestic market share and winning the "single Asian champion"

for many years, time group has always adhered to the company construction principle of "building a company based on science and technology, building a company based on industry and building a company based on export". At present, the enterprise development purpose of "self-design, collaborative work and creating excellence" and the company's quality policy of "outstanding high-tech products, reassuring quality and satisfactory service" have been implemented, and a series of multi-level and all-round management ideas have been continuously developed in the international The domestic industry-leading high-tech products with market position have gradually become high-tech enterprises with considerable strength and high popularity in the industry

at the summit of the development of China's mechanical and electrical industry, Peng Weimin, chairman of time group, was selected as the "top ten influential entrepreneurs in China's mechanical and electrical industry", and participated in the summit dialogue of "enterprise brand strategic development" with representatives of Harbin quantum group, the fourth petroleum machinery factory, Tianshui 213 machine tool electrical appliance factory and other enterprises. Chairman Peng Weimin said, "the time brand has a good influence in China's welding machine industry and the field of testing instruments. Twenty years ago, we obtained local advantages in product development, and now we have gradually expanded to the overall advantage, from the single champion to the overall champion. Grasping brand construction is the key to expand the overall advantage." the 21st century is the Chinese era, and the era is the Chinese brand ", we should make unremitting efforts for this!"

"influence China - the fourth China Electromechanical industry influence selection" is to present a panoramic record for the magnificent 2006 China Electromechanical industry, comprehensively sort out the electromechanical industry in 2006, and at the same time, it will also build a high-end and effective communication platform for colleagues in the industry. This event is called "the Oscar of China Electromechanical industry" by the industry. Sina, e-commerce, Tencent, Huicong, Alibaba, Qianlong, Chinese Electromechanical enterprises and Chinese national enterprises broadcast the whole award ceremony live. China industry news, electromechanical information and good measurement and control software should reflect the advantages of modularity and humanization. People, Sina, Alibaba, Huicong, China Business Telecom and other more than 300 media will announce the selection results and report on the top ceremony of the electromechanical industry

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