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A century old tin mine is reborn. The world listens to the strongest voice of the "antimony city"

a forum for wisdom, a discussion on the collision of ideas, a self-made and self-directed party, and the tin mine shining star antimony industry Co., Ltd. celebrates its birthday in this way. This year marks the 120th anniversary of the construction of the tin mine. From September 19 to 20, Lengshuijiang City, Hunan Province. Focusing on tin mines in the global antimony industry, listen to the strongest voice of the "world antimony capital" that has been inherited for a century

Chen quanxun, President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Ding Xuequan, vice president, Li Fuli, deputy general manager of China Minmetals Group, Huang Guoping, chairman of Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Holding Company, Zhao Zhishun, general manager, Li Jianhua, Secretary of Lengshuijiang municipal Party committee, Zeng Boyi, mayor of Lengshuijiang Municipal People's government, Zhou Jianshe, deputy mayor, Wang Tao, deputy general manager of Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Holding, Gong Jijun, general manager of antimony Business Department of Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Holding, Liu yuebin, general manager of shining star antimony industry More than 200 people, including party secretary zhangfuhua and representatives of relevant government departments and entrepreneurs, attended the series of activities

he Wenbo, chairman and Secretary of the Party group of China Minmetals Corporation, and Guo Wenqing, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party group, sent a congratulatory letter on behalf of the group to congratulate the 120th anniversary of the development of antimony industry in tin mines

Chen quanxun spoke highly of the contribution of the Centennial tin mine. He said that after 120 years, tin mines have still played an important leading role in the global antimony industry, which is particularly valuable and proud in the development history of China's non-ferrous metal industry. In the long river of history, the antimony industry in tin mines plays an important role, plays an unparalleled role and makes indelible contributions. It is truly the "antimony capital of the world"

he pointed out that the "Changsha antimony price" was an important pricing basis for international transactions in the first and second decades of the last century; During the Anti Japanese War of national crisis, antimony was an important strategic material to support the eight year hard war of resistance; At the early stage of the construction of new China, antimony was the main mineral in exchange for precious foreign exchange to repay foreign debt; In the era of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Corporation after the reform and opening up, antimony has long been regarded as a protective mining mineral and has been highly valued by the state. Since entering the new century, with the high integration of domestic and foreign markets, the prices of antimony products have fluctuated, and antimony production enterprises once fell into a business trough. However, the vast number of cadres and workers in the tin mine were not crushed, but inspired and overcome difficulties. Under the strong leadership and strong support of China Minmetals Group and Minmetals Nonferrous Metals Holdings, in accordance with the new concept of "a century old antimony capital, green development", a new journey of "separation and reorganization, physical fitness, transformation and upgrading, quality and efficiency improvement" was started

Symposium on the development of antimony industry in tin mining areas

as the highlight of a series of activities, the 2017 China antimony industry annual conference and China Antimony Industry Development Summit Forum and the Symposium on the development of antimony industry in tin mining areas brought together more than 200 delegates from about 80 mining enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes at home and abroad, who focused on antimony resource exploration, heavy metal pollution prevention and control, industrial upgrading Green sustainable development and other topics of concern to the industry were fully exchanged and discussed

Ding Xuequan, who is also the president of the antimony industry branch of the Nonferrous Metals Association, pointed out that in 2016, China's antimony industry as a whole maintained a stable operation trend, and the backbone enterprises in the industry worked hard to tap the potential and played an important role in reducing and controlling output and optimizing product structure. The industry as a whole turned losses into profits, and antimony Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size achieved a profit of 180million yuan, an increase of 81.8% over the same period last year. The market supply of antimony products has been tightened. The metal content of antimony ore is 107500 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 2.97%, and the output of antimony products is 203500 tons, basically the same as that of the previous year. The domestic average annual price is 40292 yuan/ton, and the price high point in the year is 51% higher than the price low point, and the bottom of the price is significantly higher

he pointed out that the development of China's antimony industry must adapt to the requirements of the new situation, constantly improve the ability to cope with market risks, speed up the pace of weaknesses, transformation and upgrading, overcome the contradictions and difficulties of rising costs and declining profits, and overcome prominent problems such as increased pressure on environmental protection and lack of sustainable development. While accelerating its own development and progress, we should adhere to the concept of win-win cooperation and strengthen industry self-discipline

according to records, as early as the late Ming Dynasty, the tin mine was mined. At that time, it was mistakenly thought of as tin, so the name tin mine has been used. In 1897, the tin mine was officially established for mining, and it has been a full 120 years since then. As the starting point and birthplace of China's modern antimony industry, as the world's largest producer of antimony products and supplier in the process of experiments, tin mine has always been famous all over the world for its rich antimony resources, excellent quality, large output and strong technology. Its products are distributed in more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan and Europe, enjoying the reputation of "antimony capital of the world"

today's tin mine has developed into a large state-owned joint enterprise with an annual antimony mining capacity of 600000 tons, a refined antimony production capacity of 20000 tons, and a antimony production capacity of 40000 tons -- Hunan tin mine shining star antimony industry Co., Ltd., which has won many national honors such as "China's famous brand products", "China's well-known trademark", "export inspection free products", "China's AAA enterprise of quality integrity" and "China's export quality and safety demonstration enterprise", It has been listed in the "top ten enterprises in the national independent innovation industry" for two consecutive years

on behalf of China Minmetals Group, Li Fuli extended warm congratulations to xikuang mine on its 120th birthday. He said that the tin mine is a red hot land with a glorious revolutionary tradition. Since the founding of new China, with the expansion of mining areas and technological innovation, antimony production once accounted for half of the total domestic production. Since the financial crisis, the industry market has remained depressed, and tin mines are also suffering from the impact of the market. Since 2016, the tin mine has done a lot of work in ensuring safety, improving people's livelihood, green development, reform and innovation, etc. especially with the implementation of comprehensive reform, the century old enterprise has once again stood at the forefront of the industry with a new look, and once again interpreted the image of antimony city that is particularly capable of fighting, suffering and dedication, and the spirit of creating a first-class antimony city forever

he pointed out that we should strive to be a practitioner of the strategic cooperation between China Minmetals and Loudi City, speed up development in terms of resource integration, intensive processing of antimony products, extension of industrial chain, technological progress of antimony and the development of red tourism resources, take improving the sense of enterprise acquisition as the standard, transform resource and technological advantages into economic and development advantages, realize the leapfrog development of enterprises and better fulfill the social responsibilities

with the continuous promotion of deepening reform, industrial transformation and structural adjustment and upgrading, the external environment for the development of antimony industry is becoming increasingly complex. How to promote the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of antimony industry

Zhao Zhishun put forward his own opinion: "Antimony is one of the few resource varieties with resource advantages in China, and it is also listed as a national strategic reserve resource. Under the pattern of rapid development of emerging industries, how to protect and develop this scarce resource of antimony and improve the international competitiveness of China's antimony industry is of great significance and far-reaching influence. In particular, we need to establish a global vision and long-term vision, grasp the general trend of industry development, and need all enterprises to have consistent goals, coordinate and cooperate in depth, and jointly undertake From the historical mission of revitalizing China's antimony industry. "

the passionate drums ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, and the documentary dance "memories of miners" brought everyone back to the bitter years a hundred years ago, "the fire is burning", "seeking", "flying hope"... The historical scroll of hard work, hard work, reform and development slowly unfolded under the combination of sound and film. The 120th anniversary of the development of antimony industry in a tin mine "antimony capital soul" Gala pushed this commemorative activity to a climax. The magnificent stage, the passionate interpretation of Huazhang, and the tin miners who play their true colors show the audience the cultural essence and spiritual style of the people of antimony City, highlight the indomitable and enterprising spirit of a century old tin mine, and convey the transformation of a new generation from metal to high-performance materials. At present, it is an established trend in the aerospace market. The spirit and strength of the people of antimony city are shocking and inspiring

new starting point, new leap, new blueprint. The development of antimony industry in the past 120 years has written the glorious history of tin mines, and achieved the leap of capabilities and the inheritance of spirit of tin mines; The world is pregnant with "antimony capital", and "antimony capital" will be worthy of the world

"Tin mines should take the 120th anniversary as a new starting point, strengthen, optimize and expand tin mines through reform and reorganization, and truly become the antimony industry platform of China Minmetals. We should solidly promote the integration of antimony resources in tin mine areas, form antimony industry clusters, realize intensive management, and promote local economic and social development; we should actively strengthen cooperation with peer enterprises, and jointly promote industrial upgrading, technological progress and cleaner production, especially in response to the city." In terms of the crisis, we should take a unified step to further improve the voice of China's Antimony Industry in the global market and maintain the steady and healthy development of China's antimony industry. " Liu yuebin said so

after the development of China's plastic machinery, it is attracting special attention all over the world. After a hundred years, the tin mine is transmitting firmness and confidence, confidence and maturity to the world

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