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commodity name is an indispensable main trading condition in the contract. The product name also represents the quality that a commodity should usually have. In the contract, international names should be used as far as possible

the naming of new products should be as accurate as possible and conform to the customary international appellation. For some goods, we should also pay attention to the selection of appropriate names, so as to reduce tariffs, facilitate import and export and save freight costs

in order to facilitate the statistical taxation of commodities, there are common classification standards in the world. As early as 1950, the United Nations Economic Council issued the standard classification of international trade (SITC). Subsequently, the major trading countries of the world signed the catalogue of commodities of the Maritime Cooperation Council (CCCN) in Brussels, Belgium, It is also called "Shilu can not only reduce the weight of household appliances, but also sell the customs commodity classification catalogue" (BTN). CCCN and SITC have different commodity classification. In order to avoid differences in tariffs, trade and transportation by using different catalogue classification, on the basis of the above two rules, the Customs Cooperation Council presided over the formulation of the "harmonized commodity name and coding system" (the Harmonized Commodity Description and coding system, referred to as H.S. coding system for short). The system was officially implemented on January 1st, 1988. China has adopted the system since January 1st, 1992. At present, the customs statistics of the preparing country and the GSP treatment are all carried out according to H.S. Therefore, when China adopts the commodity name, it should adapt to the product name stipulated by H.S

I. the meaning of the agreed product name

in international trade, when the buyer and the seller negotiate the contract, they must list the name of the commodity. The product name clause is an indispensable main trading condition in the sales contract

according to relevant laws and practices, the description of the traded goods is a major part of the commodity description, a basic basis for the delivery of goods by both parties, and it is related to the rights and obligations of both parties

if the goods delivered by the seller do not conform to the agreed product name or description, the buyer has the right to claim damages until the goods are rejected or the contract is cancelled. Therefore, it is of great legal and practical significance to list the specific names of the traded goods.

it has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, small size, light weight, intuitive reading, etc. 2. The basic content of the commodity name clause

the commodity name clause in the international sales contract of goods has no unified format, and the names of the traded goods of both parties are usually listed under the heading of "commodity name" or "name of commodity", It is also possible not to add a title, but only at the beginning of the contract. The text that both parties agree to buy and sell a certain commodity.

the provisions of the commodity name clause also depend on the variety and characteristics of the traded commodity. As for general commodities, sometimes it is only necessary to list the names of commodities, but some commodities often have different varieties, grades and models. Therefore, for the sake of clarity, a general description of specific varieties, grades or models is also included as a further limitation. In addition, some chemical industry investments have been so successful that the quality specifications of commodities have been included, which is actually a combination of product name terms and quality terms

III. precautions for specifying the terms of product name

the terms of product name in the contract for the international sale of goods are the main conditions of the contract. Therefore, when specifying this clause, the following matters should be paid attention to.

1. The content must be clear, specific, and avoid vague and general provisions.

2. The names of products specified in the terms must be the goods that the seller can supply and the buyer needs, All impossible or unnecessary descriptive words and sentences should not be included.

3. Try to use internationally common names. If local names are used, both parties to the transaction should reach a consensus on the meaning in advance. 3. The naming and translation of some new goods should be accurate, easy to understand, and in line with the customary international appellation.

4. Pay attention to the selection of appropriate product names, so as to reduce tariffs, Facilitate import and export and save freight expenses

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