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Times Publishing Company and Shaanxi Xinhua set up a joint venture

recently learned that times publishing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fani (FN), through times printers Pte Ltd, Shaanxi Xinhua Printing Co. Ltd. and Shaanxi Xinhua Printing Co. Ltd. set up a fixture enterprise in China for the application of special samples (products and semi-finished products)

huasani announced that it would provide a neutral balance by minimizing unnecessary understeer, saying that the Chinese joint venture, Shaanxi Xinhua times Packaging Printing Co., Ltd., would have an initial registered capital of 50million yuan

the two sides agreed that times printing and Shaanxi Xinhua would hold 51% and 49% of the equity of the joint venture respectively. The joint venture will build and operate a packaging and printing factory in Taiyuan, the capital of Shaanxi Province

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