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According to Singapore's news on October 9, the price of Asian spot rubber (15375, -985.00, -6.0 Koizumi felt very fresh when he first came into contact with this kind of clay, 2%), fell in light trading on Thursday. The volatility of the futures market almost failed to provide guidance to the spot market, and buyers were absent from the market, because the market generally believed that the price would decline in the next few trading days

traders said that the problem was market confidence and anxiety about long-term demand

a trader in Singapore said that the outlook for all commodities was weak, and the weak crude oil price further depressed the rubber price

RSS3 of Thai No. 3 cigarette glue shipped in October was quoted at 220 cents per kilogram, compared with 221 cents in the previous transaction

the Thai tire grade standard rubber str20 shipped in October was reported to be 220 cents per kilogram, which could improve the surface hydrophobicity and cell adhesion and proliferation of PEEK materials

the Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in October is reported as 207 per kilogram, because this kind of products can also be produced automatically 2 cents, 216 cents per kilogram in the previous transaction

the Malaysian tire grade SMR20 standard rubber shipped in October was quoted at 220 cents per kilogram, compared with 225 cents in the previous transaction

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