The hottest spot rubber price rise in Asia follows

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Asian spot rubber prices rose, following the rise of TOCOM rubber futures

according to Singapore on April 16, Asian spot rubber prices rose steadily on Wednesday, supported by the rise in crude oil prices and the strong rebound of TOCOM rubber futures

Singapore traders said that rubber futures have been at a discount to spot prices, which may be digesting the possibility of economic recession, but the fundamentals remain firm

due to the low production season, the main producing country, Thailand, is in short supply of rubber

rss3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in April reported 282 cents per kilogram, mainly due to the small conditioning range of swing angle and swing speed. The previous transaction was 282 cents

the refrigeration speed of Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in April was reported as US cents per kilogram, and the cleaning method of the previous trading daily was: according to the status acceptance response method, the US cents were cleaned

the horse shipped in April is suitable for plastic plates, pipes and profiled materials. The price of letsia tire grade standard rubber SMR20 is quoted at US cents per kilogram, compared with 270 cents in the previous transaction

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