The hottest spot rubber price in Asia fell

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Spot rubber prices in Asia fell

on September 2, spot rubber prices in Asia fell, and traders' wait-and-see attitude was significant. Lift the lifting seat 6 to the appropriate position (that is, the measured spring can be placed between the two pressure plates or between the upper and lower hooks). The quotation of rubber in China bonded warehouse is low, and the overseas procurement volume is reduced

rss3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in October is quoted at US $215 per kilogram Host size: about 950*350*370mm min/kg

thailand tires shipped in October, but try to adopt ISO and their own materials in terms of material testing methods. This material also has good wear resistance. The quotation of national standard grade standard rubber str20 is 208 cents/kg, and the price of 1 is 210 cents/kg

the price of Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in October is 191 cents/kg, 1 cents/kg

the quotation of Malaysian tire grade standard rubber SMR20 shipped in October is US cents/kg and US cents/kg

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