The hottest spot rubber price in Asia remained sta

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The spot rubber price in Asia remained stable (November 18)

on November 18, the spot rubber price in Asia remained stable, lacking new guidance from the futures market

a Singapore trader said: "exporters are trying to offer higher prices, but in fact, TORLON reg; Pai still has superior reliability, and the transaction is concluded at a lower level."

an exporter from Thailand said that the price of Thai RSS3 grade rubber sold to China was US $2550/ton, the CNF benchmark, even though the initial quotation was US $2590/ton. He added that the profit of Chinese paper enterprises fell in 2018. The price of str20 grade rubber was $2530/ton, and the initial quotation was $2560/ton

rss3 of Thai No.3 cigarette glue shipped in December/January is quoted at 254 cents/kg and 17 cents/kg

the Thai tire grade standard shipped in December/January solves the problem of small items according to the big management station. The quotation of standard rubber str20 is 250 cents/kg and 17 cents/kg

the price of Indonesian tire grade standard rubber sir20 shipped in December/January is 249 cents/kg, and 17 cents/kg

the quotation of Malaysian tire grade standard SMR20 shipped in December/January is 251 cents/kg and 17 cents/kg

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