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Box type three-phase on-board 20kW silent gasoline generator

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1 a large number of power battery enterprises have set off a wave of production expansion. The box type three-phase on-board 20kW silent gasoline generator daniazawa gasoline generator has a series of advantages, such as tight and stable power generation, ultra-small volume, ultra-small weight, ultra-low fuel consumption, portable, ultra-low displacement of four stroke pure gasoline generator, etc. it has introduced Japan's advanced technology.

is its built-in micro processor, which jointly functions as a powerful modular Design, it will stop processing and polluting the original power generated by the generator, making the power input of the digital generator set very clean and stable

running in style steps of ultra quiet gasoline generator: no load idling running in generator set, stop checking carefully according to the previous style, and start the unit after all aspects are normal. After the unit is started, adjust the speed to idle speed for 10 minutes. Check the oil pressure, listen to the running sound of the gasoline generator, and then stop the operation. Open the side cover plate of the cylinder block, touch the temperature of the main bearing, connecting rod bearing, etc. by hand. It is required that the temperature should not be higher than 80 ℃, that is, it is normal if it is not too hot. It is not necessary to observe the operating environment of various parts. If the temperature and layout of all parts are normal, continue to stop running in according to the following standards

box type three-phase on-board 20kW silent gasoline generator daniazawa silent gasoline generator is widely used as a portable power supply. For small gasoline generator units, the single power is small, but the power load relative to the equipment is greatly changed, resulting in large fluctuations in input voltage and speed, affecting the generator performance target. In view of these achievements of gasoline generators, daniozawa has been working steadily and with low noise. Starting from the manufacturing and production of each engine, daniozawa has always put noise reduction design in the first place of development and research. The specially developed engine block, the optimized shock absorption system, the matched supercharger and the low-speed cooling electric fan all greatly increase the noise

brand name: Japan danizawa power

Sales Manager: Sun Chen




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business style: purchase and sales treaty

business form: transfer, Alipay, and company pick-up

The profit level is 10%

about products: 17% VAT is included, freight is not included, and the products are delivered 24 hours a day

company address: No. 188, Yecheng Road, industrial park, Jiading District, Shanghai

product use; Household emergency power supply, outdoor lighting, outdoor construction, and other industries, all categories of emergency use

recommended by unusual operating design, large and easy to use, low fuel consumption, economical and practical, durable, high reliability, saving cumbersome maintenance, equipped with shelter assembly to ensure safe operation, and adopting mute and shockproof design

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1. Commitment to production and quality:

1. Quality records and testing data are available for product manufacturing and testing

2 is a kind of rotary valve with special structure to test the product function. We sincerely invite users to stop the whole process and full function inspection of the product in person, and then pack and ship the product after it is confirmed to be qualified

2. Product price commitment:

1. In order to ensure the high reliability and advanced nature of the product, fragmentary materials are selected from international or international excellent brand products

2. On the premise of uniform competition, our company will supply you at the most favorable price without lowering the product technical function and changing the product parts

3. Delivery date commitment:

1. Product delivery date: try to meet the user's requirements. If there are special requirements and the completion needs to be delayed, our company can specially organize production and devices to meet the user's needs

4. After sales service commitment:

1. Service purpose: fast, judgment, accurate, attentive, complete

2. Service objective: the service quality will win the satisfaction of users

3. Service effectiveness: if the equipment is defective during the warranty period, you can stop the after-sales service at your local maintenance point, or send the machinery back to the company, and the company will bear all the costs during the warranty period

3. Service criteria: the product warranty period is 12 months. During the warranty period, the supplier will charge for maintenance and replacement of parts and components damaged due to quality notice. For parts and components damaged outside the warranty period, only the cost will be charged for the supplied parts. For equipment damage caused by the buyer's remuneration, the supplier's maintenance or supplied parts will be calculated at the cost price

after the warranty period, our company's sales personnel make three return visits every year to inquire and visit the user's utilization environment

product model toto

frequency 50hz

additional voltage 220/380v

additional power 20kw

maximum power 22kw

number of phases single/three-phase

current 58a

power identity 1

starting style electric starting

engine model suzuki475q

fuel type 90

remarks of generator with voltage regulator

oil tank volume 28L

noise level 54db

hold 12hrs

dimension (mm) 1150*750*680

engine type four stroke four cylinder water-cooled single top camshaft

cylinder diameter * piston stroke 76*77 (mm)

tightening ratio 8.8:1

extinguishing style inductor

smooth oil volume 4l

smooth oil trademark summer SF grade 15w/40, winter SF grade 10w/30

fully active assembly optional

standard construction of electronic speed regulation, digital display, Low noise

source: danieze

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