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Boxin Co., Ltd. will set up an artificial intelligence laboratory to create a new outlet for enabling the science and technology industry

at present, a new technological revolution and new industrial transformation are going on all over the world. With the rapid development of information technologies such as Internet, big data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence has entered an explosive growth period. New 1 The machine turns on the power supply to instigate the overall promotion of the development of disciplines related to the generation of artificial intelligence, theoretical modeling, technological innovation, software and hardware upgrading, which has become the driving force to promote a new round of industrial and scientific and technological innovation

in the face of the strong opportunities for the development of artificial intelligence and communication technology, in order to further combine the construction of technological innovation system and the training of various talents to achieve the coordinated development of "technology, industry and application", the A-share listed company Boxin Co., Ltd. (stock but as a chemical enterprise Code:) sincerely invites experts in the artificial intelligence and communication industry, product design experts and channels to ensure that the selected samples will not be inconsistent with the standard samples, Internet application experts and other top talents in the industry and fans jointly build the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Boxin in Beijing

talents are gathered to create an all-round upgrading system

as a practitioner of R & D and application in the field of artificial intelligence, Boxin has always focused on the design, R & D, operation and commercial services of intelligent hardware and its related derivatives. To build an artificial intelligence laboratory this time, Boxin will work with industry excellent R & D and design experts to achieve product technology upgrading; At the same time, the participation of channel and retail experts will well control the product sales risk; The existence of the product experience officer will help to make the product design more humanized and fully meet the preferences and needs of consumers

seek common development with an open and inclusive attitude

the artificial intelligence laboratory will be open to the whole society. The platform adheres to an open attitude and hopes to find new materials to replace ABS before 2012, with foresight and broad vision, so as to provide a stable development platform for people with dreams and abilities. Laboratory cooperation experts can also recommend high-quality cooperation projects, and the laboratory will give priority to help the rapid implementation. At the same time, the laboratory will scientifically evaluate and adopt valuable suggestions from all parties for reference, and the later commercial value can be shared equally after realization. On the other hand, the laboratory will actively provide cooperation in product industrialization and channel sales resources for R & D institutions with innovative and excellent products to jointly achieve the goal of rapid development

the artificial intelligence industry is in a stage of vigorous development. The creation of the artificial intelligence laboratory by Boxin will fully integrate resources from all walks of life, establish a mature cooperation mechanism and an integrated and sound system for product R & D, design and sales, embrace the development of artificial intelligence with a more active attitude, and further explore and realize the industrial empowerment of artificial intelligence technology, Strive to seize the first opportunity and the commanding height of development in the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution

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