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Recently, with the rising temperature, the competition in the bottled water market has also entered a white hot stage. Various brand enterprises have launched some new concepts to seize the water market. The natural weak alkali water of Nongfu mountain spring, the mineral water of Master Kang, and the good water launched by Zhengguang and bucket water are different concepts, which have injected new attractions into the market

each has its own unique way to seize the market

as people have a stronger understanding of health, many overseas cases have adopted the metal faced polyurethane composite board. Enterprises have done a lot of work on the concept of health, and they are even more brilliant in advertising. Nongfu mountain spring launched a new advertisement based on the concept of natural weak alkaline water, and proposed that the healthy drinking water with pH value of 7.30.5 is more suitable for people. Zhengguanghe's launch of good water is a different theme advertisement, which highlights the eight characteristics of zhengguanghe's bottled water. The new actions of a bottled water giant and a bottled water giant just confirm the new competition in the field of drinking water, including Guangdong Fudi pure water, Jiulong spring Nongfu mountain spring and other well-known bottled water, which are also constantly refreshing their ideas

high end water has become a new highlight

this year, the introduction of high-end water is a highlight of the whole water market. First, heidiland, a European mineral water brand, made a high-profile announcement to enter the Chinese mineral water market, and then 5100TM Tibetan glacier mineral water attracted investment in China. After 5100TM Tibetan glacial mineral water entered the mainland market through the opening of the Qinghai Tibet Railway in 2006, 5100TM Tibetan glacial mineral water began the overall layout of the national market this year, and the major cities in North China, East China and South China became the battlefields of the brand. It can be predicted that after emerging domestic and foreign brands enter the bottled water market, although it will not have an immediate impact on the existing market pattern, its impact is huge and far-reaching. In the future, the competition for the bottled water market will move away from the price war to the brand marketing war

bottled drinking water quality

the qualified rate is 87.2%

it is reported that the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine recently organized a supervision and spot check on the quality of bottled drinking water products. The spot check results show that the qualified rate of the physical quality of the product is 87.2%

this time, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine conducted a spot check on 148 products (not involving export) produced by 145 enterprises in 20 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government, including 101 kinds of purified drinking water, 32 kinds of natural mineral water and 15 kinds of drinking water. The result of spot check shows that the qualified rate of product sampling of large-scale production enterprises with high market share is 95.7%, and the product quality is good; Some small and medium-sized production enterprises have some problems in product quality

main quality problems found in the spot check: the total number of colonies and coliform group of some products exceed the standard. The total bacterial count and coliform group are important indicators to reflect the sanitary quality of drinking water. The total bacterial count and coliform group indicate the degree of drinking water pollution

in the spot check, the total bacterial count and coliform group of some products exceeded the standard, and the total bacterial count of one drinking natural mineral water product was 22000cfu/ml, which exceeded the requirements of the national standard by 400 times; The coliform group of one drinking water product is 21mpn/100mL, which is 7 times of the value specified in the national standard

conductivity of a few products is unqualified. Conductivity is an important indicator to reflect the degree of deionization of purified drinking water, and it is also a characteristic indicator to measure the degree of purity of purified drinking water. In the spot check, the conductivity of a few products exceeded the standard, and the conductivity of one product was 24.8s/cm

nitrite of some products exceeded the standard. Nitrite is one of the pollutant indexes reflecting the quality of drinking water products. In the spot check, nitrite of some products exceeded the standard, and nitrite of one drinking natural mineral water product was 0.025mg/l, which was 5 times of the value specified in the national standard

some product labels are not standardized. In the spot check, the labels of some products were not standardized, mainly including the content range of cations and anions and the labeling of total soluble solids

attention should be paid to consumption choices

according to the introduction of senior manager of Fudi pure water Panyu sales office, bottled drinking water includes drinking pure water, drinking natural mineral water and drinking water. Pure drinking water is the water that meets the sanitary standards for drinking water and is prepared by distillation, deionization, ion exchange, reverse osmosis and other appropriate processing methods. It is sealed in containers and does not contain any additives. It can be directly drunk. While removing harmful substances in water, purified water also removes or greatly reduces the content of other minerals in water. Drinking natural mineral water is an unpolluted underground mineral water that naturally emerges from deep underground or is exposed artificially to develop the headquarters economy

Mr. Liao, manager of Panyu Sales Department of jiulongquan mineral water, reminded consumers to pay attention to the brand products with certain popularity and vacuum gold plating on the section produced by large-scale production enterprises when purchasing bottled drinking water, and the product quality is guaranteed; Pay attention to the product label. Carefully check whether the product name, net content, manufacturer's name, address, production date, shelf life and other contents on the label are standardized. When drinking natural mineral water, special attention should be paid to check whether the name of the mineral water source and the approval number recognized by the national (provincial) appraisal, the accuracy of characteristic limit indicators and weights are 1%ph value, total soluble solids, main cations (k+, na+, ca2+, mg2+), and the content range of anions (hco3-, so42-, cl-); View the appearance of the bottle. The drinking water packaging bottle shall be made of materials that meet the requirements of national standards. The bottle body shall be smooth, clear, transparent and have good texture. Meanwhile, squeeze the plastic bottle body by hand to check whether the bottle cap is well sealed. If water seeps from the bottle mouth, it means that the bottle cap is not tightly sealed, and the drinking water may be polluted; Pay attention to the sensory quality of drinking water. Generally, the qualified drinking water shall be colorless, transparent, clear, free from abnormal odor and odor, and free from visible objects. Drinking natural mineral water is allowed to have a very small amount of natural mineral salt precipitation, but there shall be no other foreign matters. Do not drink products with different colors, peculiar smell, turbidity, flocs or impurities; Bottled drinking water should be drunk as soon as possible after it is opened. Despite the intensified high-end competition in the water market, citizens should treat drinking rationally

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