The hottest bottle of beer is going to change its

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Bottled beer needs to "change face"

an American brewing company has launched a beer that can be packaged by aluminum precision extrusion to avoid subsequent processing means. The biggest feature of this beer is that the upper cover of the reducer can be removed. The packaging bottle is made of high-purity aluminum, and the "cooling" time is much longer than that of ordinary beer. In this way, people can better enjoy the taste of "ice beer". Pittsburgh brewery, the American "iron city" brewer, launched aluminum bottles this time. At present, the company has reached a cooperation agreement with Alcoa, the world's largest aluminum manufacturer, to provide aluminum bottles. Alcoa spokesman Kevin rollley told the associated press yesterday that although there are also beer packaged in aluminum cans on the market, the aluminum content in the aluminum bottles they provide this time is three times that of the existing aluminum cans. Just press the reset key on the main interface to automatically reset the material throughout the process. The "cooling" time of aluminum beer is at least 50 minutes longer than that of glass beer. At present, Pittsburgh brewery has launched 20000 bottles of aluminum beer, which is expected to be listed in 28 states of the United States this week

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