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Bosch Rexroth Wujin new plant strives to double its production capacity

the new plant has invested 85million US dollars in the production of automation products. China is the largest market after Germany. The establishment of R & D centers can better meet the needs of the Chinese market

on May 26, 2011, the foundation laying ceremony of the new factory of Bosch Rexroth Changzhou Wujin was successfully held, which marked that Rexroth continued to march towards the rapid development of China's automation market. This time, Bosch Rexroth invested RMB 664.7 million in the construction of Wujin new plant, aiming to verify that the sub tensile testing machine is a new generation of liquid phosphite antioxidant of single space Tiffany to improve the product performance and double the production capacity of hydraulic components and systems, linear transmission and pneumatic products. In addition, the new Wujin plant will build a new R & D center to strengthen Rexroth's ability to localize R & D products and better provide Chinese users with transmission and control solutions that meet their needs

China is the largest market outside Germany for Bosch Rexroth, said Dr. Bernhard Ochs, senior vice president of industrial application technology of Bosch Rexroth Co., Ltd. at the foundation laying ceremony. He pointed out that the sales of Bosch Rexroth in the Asian market increased by 38% in 2010. In the foreseeable future, the Asian market, especially the Chinese market, will continue to maintain a growth rate higher than that of the United States and Europe. Dr. Bernhard Ochs is confident about this. In recent years, China has rapidly become the world's largest market for construction machinery and automation products

Bosch Rexroth Wujin new plant covers a total area of 166664 square meters, including a construction area of 87000 square meters. The new factory is dedicated to the production of hydraulic cylinders, valves, a full set of hydraulic power stations, linear transmission technology components and pneumatic products. In addition, the technical experts resident in Wujin Factory will provide localized cylinder maintenance services and a full range of automation training courses for users. The new R & D center with an outstanding value of about chamfer value will strengthen the regional R & D capacity and cooperate with Chinese local machinery manufacturers to jointly develop the system. Chinese engineers will focus on developing industrial application products and solutions in Wujin new plant, so as to better meet the needs of the Chinese market. Shulundi, technical general manager of Bosch Rexroth Wujin Factory, said that the experiment showed that. The new plant will further adjust its existing product lines through cooperation with Rexroth Germany according to local needs, and the adjusted solutions will be used in almost every important project in the construction machinery and automation industry

the construction of the new plant means that we are constantly promoting the process of internationalization and have achieved great success in China, said Dr. Bernhard Ochs, senior vice president of industrial application technology of Bosch Rexroth Co., Ltd. As a leading equipment supplier in China's machine tool industry and a global partner, Bosch Rexroth provides Chinese users with a complete CNC system solution, indramotion MTX micro, and compact hydraulic power station

Bosch Rexroth started to produce localized products in Wujin, Changzhou as early as 1996. The plant to be replaced was built in 2004. At present, the number of employees has reached 900. Our employees have excellent performance and professionalism, which is the key factor for us to decide to invest. Shulundi, technical general manager of Bosch Rexroth Wujin Factory, emphasized. Relying on the efforts of all employees devoted to localized R & D and services, Rexroth Wujin new plant is steadily moving towards the goal of doubling its production capacity and expanding its business

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