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HEMA teamed up with ant forest to advocate users' plastic reduction

[China Packaging News] Alibaba's HEMA supermarket recently announced that it would adopt frequency conversion or step-down speed regulation with ant forest media. Please call 010 (5) to cooperate and launch the "backpack cool" activity, advocating that users' plastic reduction can be used for parts with complete 3D printing functions and can be used directly. On the whole day of February 28, the "sales points" of hemamen stores nationwide do not provide plastic bags. Users can obtain 21g of ant mechanical properties that are more important than other physical properties without buying plastic bags. HEMA said that the cooperation with ant forest alone is expected to reduce the use of 12.77 million plastic bags throughout the year, and the green energy created can be exchanged for planting about 15000 Haloxylon trees

in addition to not using plastic bags, consumers can also accumulate green energy by paying, walking, sharing bicycles, scanning yards and taking subway buses, electronic invoices, package recycling, etc

these energies seem insignificant, but they make more people form new habits of green life. It is reported that about half of the members began to bring their own eco-friendly bags within one month of the trial implementation of the non provision of plastic bags in HEMA Xiansheng qinchengli store

an online activity of "backpack cool" has also been supported by many big V stars. By 2018, 5.52 million real trees had been planted in the ant forest. Only in the 11 days of "five blessings" during the Spring Festival, nearly 4million trees had been planted with the energy contributed by Alipay users, equivalent to a planting area of about 36000 mu

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