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Bottle cap with clean pouring port and scale

J.M. Smucker company in orrville, Ohio launched Crisco. Luxiaoping, a staff member of the company, said: "Our 3-axis linkage injection molding machine simple measures product: the 64 ounce edible oil barrel is equipped with a bottle cap with a clean pouring port and scale that stands out in the fierce competition with the industry. The company hopes that this kind of edible oil bottle cap can be poured and used evenly. The simple and convenient edible oil bottle cap can make the work of busy chefs and bakers easier.

smuc crack growth factor is about 1.50 ⑵.34; maribe, the public relations manager of Ker company Th badertscher said: "our goal is to help people get a convenient and pleasant cooking experience by providing a variety of high-quality products. We are pleased to provide this measuring bottle cap with a clean pouring port, so that consumers can easily enjoy Crisco cooking oil."

the bottle cap that can be used as a measuring device in the new design eliminates the need for consumers to prepare other measuring instruments. The bottle cap with built-in pouring mouth can be used as the standard measuring instrument in the kitchen. Its capacity is 1/4 cup or 1/3 cup. After use, the bottle cap can be directly screwed back to the bottle mouth. If other containers are used to measure oil, the gauge needs to be cleaned. The pouring port of the bottle cap is designed to be drip free, which is not only easy to pour, but also allows the excess oil to flow back to the bottle calmly. These advantages make the preparation process of cooking easy and simple, and reduce a lot of cleaning work, which is very popular with chefs and bakers. Convenient data output and transmission

crisco's measuring bottle cap with clean pouring port has been applied to Crisco's 64 ounce pure vegetable oil, corn oil and rape seed oil. Smucker said that the product was launched in the United States in September2005. Retail price is about $3.95

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