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When Minghu Haoting just handed over the house last month, many owners who got the key consulted Xiaobian through the official wechat whjzw027 of Wuhan home decoration network, saying that they didn't know about decoration, but they had a special liking for modern simple style decoration. I hope Xiaobian can make a case recommendation according to their C2 house type. As it happens, Wuhan OULIN Yazhu decoration has done similar home decoration there before. Next, let's follow Xiaobian to see the modern simple decoration case of C2 house type in building 10 of Minghu Haoting

[specific room type]: Minghu Haoting, building 10, unit C, 101 square meters, three bedrooms and two halls

[design description]: in view of Mr. Li, the owner of the famous lake Haoting in this case, who is looking for a comfortable and warm home decoration, the designer chose to adopt a modern and simple style to carry out the overall home decoration layout for the owner. Through the pure texture of white, the designer of this case chooses the three classic colors of black, white and gray to match the soft clothes, and uses the geometric dotted line language of jumping rules to create lively and warm functional lines in the simple space. In addition, the moving line of light is also included in the planning, so that every window of the house is a scene of life. In this simplicity, it is probably the most sincere freedom that many people can't ask for. That is to make people feel comfortable and relaxed in terms of quality experience and color aesthetics

[decoration company]: Wuhan OULIN Yazhu decoration company; Half package 47000 yuan

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