Small cloakroom decoration, strong squeeze into sm

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Modern people pay more and more attention to face, dress more and more carefully, and there are more clothes at home, including small family of course. But the small space, which is already very valuable, needs to be divided into large spaces to give the cloakroom a "meat cutting" pain. But if it can be reasonably reduced and cleverly squeezed into it, it will be perfect. See how to build the five small cloakrooms, and strongly "squeeze" into the small apartment space

young women not only have beautiful bedroom decoration, but also the interior of the cloakroom is colorful, with all kinds of colorful clothes competing. The division of the pattern is also very exquisite. The shoe cabinet is located on the top floor beyond common sense, which is actually more convenient for women who love shoes

I didn't expect that the often neglected corner space can also become a shelter for the small cloakroom. This setting, which is less than one square meter, does not occupy the whole space at all. The cloakroom adopts a two-layer hanging type inside, which greatly increases the throughput of clothes and ensures the neat storage at the same time




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