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For smart people, how to save money is the "hard truth". Which is more cost-effective to install floor heating or air conditioning

for smart people, how to save money is the "hard truth". Which is more cost-effective to install floor heating or air conditioning? We have calculated an account for you:

for a room with a heating area of about 100 square meters, if you want to install a set of current mainstream gas-fired boiler as heating equipment, the total price = material cost (100-300 yuan/square meter, divided into domestic and imported categories) + boiler cost (6000-30000 yuan, mainly imported, Japanese and Korean goods are relatively affordable, European goods are of excellent quality), and the initial installation cost is about 15000-50000 yuan; You need to buy three air conditioners for the same area, and the price is still cheaper than installing floor heating. However, the normal service life of floor heating is 50 years, which is much longer than that of air conditioning

in use, take a 10 square meter room as an example. According to the current power of electric floor heating is 120 watts/square meter, the total power of the room is 1200 watts, which is open for 24 hours. The actual power consumption time is about 6-9 hours, and the daily power consumption is about 7.2-10.8 degrees; The power of the air conditioner is 850-1500 watts, and it operates for 12 hours every day. The actual power consumption time is about 9.5 hours, and the power consumption is about 8-14 degrees. Obviously, if you turn on the air conditioner for a long time, the electricity charge of the air conditioner is higher than that of the floor heating

there is stress in installing floor heating

there is no doubt that floor heating is a shining element in the fashionable personalized home decoration in Hangzhou this winter. But in fact, there is also a lot of attention to installing floor heating

the floor height should not be too low, and there should be no heat source.

the floor heating system needs to occupy a floor height of about 5-6 cm, which has a great impact on houses with low floor height. However, if you originally planned to install wooden floors, it is only 2-3 cm higher than expected

in addition, if you want to install a heat source for floor heating, you need to obtain the consent of the developer or property company first. As the pipeline of the floor heating is longer than the radiator and the water resistance is larger, it will have a little impact on the heating effect of the whole building. The property may object. The best way is to negotiate with the developer before buying a house

generally speaking, as long as the floor height of your home is not too low and you don't have trouble with heat sources, it is suitable to install floor heating

electric heating is selected for those less than 100 square meters, and water heating is installed for those more than 100 square meters

floor heating is divided into water heating and electric heating according to the medium. According to insiders, electric heating is more selected for those less than 100 square meters, and central water heating is selected for those more than 100 square meters

water heating is composed of gas stove, water collector and buried pipe. It uses low-temperature hot water as the heat medium to heat the floor through the pipes buried in the floor. At the same time, it connects multiple hot water supply points (such as shower, bathtub, wash table, kitchen, washing machine), which comprehensively solves the domestic hot water supply of the whole family. It is an ideal heating method

if it has been decorated, how about the second decoration? The designer recommends plumbing flooring. "The floor is only 1.2 cm thick, and even if it is directly paved on the original floor, it will not affect the floor height. Moreover, the heating is fast, and it can be heated within half an hour. In this way, when moving in the future, do not need these floor heating, just take off the floor and take it with you."

in terms of laying the floor, Xiao Song suggested that you should lay it where you need to move frequently to avoid waste. "However, because this model is imported ultra-thin, the price will be slightly higher, with an average of 300 yuan/square meter."

to install floor heating, you also need to know that these

1. Not all floors can be floor heating

"floor heating" should be defined as: it is suitable for the wooden floor laid by the ground radiant heating system and transfers heat to the room through the board. There are many names in the market, such as "heating floor", "ground heating floor", "heat-resistant floor", "geothermal floor", "special geothermal floor", etc. in fact, you can't just listen to the name. The applicable ground heating needs to meet four major elements: ground heating conductivity, dimensional stability, pollution prevention and environmental protection, and durability

the flooring industry is formulating flooring standards to quantify the four elements, and formulating quality inspection specifications for flooring laying and warranty period to quantify the technical indicators of laying and maintenance

2. It's not that the thicker the floor, the more thermal insulation is.

wood is a poor conductor. Generally, the thermal conductivity of wood materials is between 0.17-0.34, while water is 0.5. If the thickness of the floor is too thick, it is not conducive to heat transmission to the board through the floor, and it is consumed in the transmission process. As for insulation, the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the floor is very large, which will inevitably lead to great deformation of the floor. "Thermal expansion and cold contraction" and "wet expansion and dry contraction" will cause the floor to scoop, twist, bend and crack, and the dimensional stability can not be guaranteed

3. The specification of geothermal heating floor should not be too wide

now consumers buy solid wood floors for comfort and to show their identity. Therefore, when purchasing, we often choose those floors with larger specifications, especially in the width direction, some of which can reach 180mm. In the daily floor paving, experts do not recommend users to choose such a width, so as to avoid the seam separation due to the wet expansion and dry contraction of the floor. Moreover, when the floor is heated, the seam separation of the floor is more likely to occur due to the faster moisture distribution

4. Placing legless composite furniture or carpets on the floor will damage the heat dissipation surface of the floor

these furniture are often legless furniture whose bottom layer is in direct contact with the ground. If the indoor floor is paved with geothermal heating, its furniture and carpets are directly covered with the floor in a large area, which will make the floor here unable to dissipate heat, and excessive concentration will lead to uneven heating of the floor, resulting in deformation of the floor here





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