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[] the kitchen is an important place for water use, and most of the mess in the kitchen is not environmentally friendly because of humidity. Therefore, when decorating the kitchen, we should pay great attention to the waterproof performance of the kitchen. When selecting materials and designing, we should pay attention to three aspects in terms of waterproof [related reading: eight misunderstandings of kitchen decoration] first, the separation of dry and wet kitchen furniture and kitchen decoration Cabinets and sinks are indispensable protagonists in the kitchen. Www. 68mn. The kitchen decoration is most susceptible to moisture is the cabinet. If the position of the sink is improper or the design is not well considered, it is easy to cause cabinet deformation or material mildew. The designer suggests that you lay the floor first and then make the cabinet when decorating, which can not only accurately size, but also ensure that the cabinet has been dried enough during installation, so as to avoid excessive heat expansion and contraction or moisture intrusion, which leads to cabinet mildew. At the same time, the board of the cabinet will release formaldehyde to varying degrees. When choosing the sink, don't just consider the material and size, because the water dripping along the water pipe is easy to damp the bottom of the sink cabinet, so you must pay attention to whether the edge of the rubber strip of the sink is tight. The person in charge of the decoration City suggested that consumers can choose to install an aluminum base plate with anti-collision strip at the bottom of the tank, which can not only eliminate the noise of closing the door, but also prevent the cold water dripping from the basin and faucet from soaking the tank, so as to prolong the service life of the tank. Kitchen decoration jiazhuang6 Second, do a good job in dehumidification. Sewers, Ceiling Interior and wall corners are often the dead corners of the kitchen, which are easy to gather moisture or hide dirt. Www. 68mn. Experts remind that if the connection between the kitchen sewer pipe and the sewer is not strictly sealed, it is easy to seep water and emit odor. As the sewer interface is in a relatively hidden place, it is easy to ignore when the decoration is completed and accepted. It is suggested that the decoration workers should seal the gap at the interface with glass glue or other adhesives. In addition, installing a hole cover at the water opening of the sink cabinet can also prevent moisture. Kitchen decoration jiazhuang6 The ceiling of the kitchen is easy to accumulate oil drops and water stains and deform. Www. 68mn. If your kitchen is equipped with a ceiling lamp, you should always maintain the connection between the ceiling lamp and the ceiling to prevent the ceiling lamp from falling and causing danger. As for the relatively narrow kitchen, you can use quicklime bags to absorb water. If there is no quicklime, coffee grounds or soda powder can also be used instead. Kitchen decoration jiazhuang6 Third, pay attention to the practicality of material selection. The kitchen is a place that a family will use every day, and convenient use and easy cleaning are the most important. Www. 68mn. Among them, the floor material is the key part of moisture-proof. It is suggested that consumers choose floor tiles with anti-skid function and not easy to be contaminated with oil stains, which are both economical and practical. In addition, some new composite floors have special anti-skid protective layers on their surfaces, which have good moisture-proof, anti slip and anti scratch properties. The wall materials should be easy to scrub ceramic tiles. If the wall is painted, it is best to choose moisture-proof wall paint. At the same time, the moisture content of the wall should be about 10%. Pay attention to daily cleaning, otherwise the wall will blister when it is damp. It is worth noting that the ceiling will inevitably be eroded by water vapor. Experts recommend that plastic gusset plates with good waterproof performance be used during decoration, and waterproof membrane treatment be carried out. In addition, if the kitchen is relatively low, it can also be painted directly with waterproof paint, which has a moisture-proof effect





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