How much is the decoration loan repaid every month

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For most people, it is difficult to spend money to buy a house, but after buying a house, they have to face the problem of decoration. Applying for decoration loans is undoubtedly the best way to solve the problem of decoration funds. The borrower has to consider how much money they need to pay each month after applying for decoration loans

as for the monthly repayment of decoration loans, this involves the repayment method of decoration loans. The repayment methods of decoration loans mainly include equal principal and interest repayment and equal principal repayment

repayment of equal principal and interest is generally within the repayment period, The same amount of loan needs to be repaid every month (including principal and interest. In this way, since the monthly low repayment amount is fixed, the expenditure of family income can be controlled in a planned way, and it is also convenient for each family to determine the repayment ability according to their own income.

the repayment method of equal principal is to repay the principal in equal amount every month, and then calculate the interest according to the remaining principal. Therefore, due to the large principal at the initial stage, the repayment amount is larger at the initial stage, and then decreases every month at the subsequent time. This method The advantage is that the interest expenditure is reduced due to the repayment of large amounts at the initial stage, which is more suitable for families with strong repayment ability

the repayment method of equal principal and interest is also called the monthly average method. The principal repayment speed is slow, the repayment pressure is light, and the cost is that the total interest paid is more. Compared with the repayment method of equal principal, the total interest difference is not very obvious in the medium and short term (1-5 years), but in the long term (20-30 years), the total interest difference is obvious. No matter the repayment of equal principal and interest is the repayment of equal principal and interest, the calculation method of interest in each period is the same, which is equal to the remaining principal multiplied by the monthly expected annualized interest rate

the choice of repayment method depends on the individual's repayment ability. Don't choose the equal principal repayment method if you want to pay less total interest. In practice, many people still choose the equal principal and interest repayment method

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