6 small family study decoration to create a leisur

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Many small apartment owners also want to have their own independent and quiet reading area. Not only that, they can also be quiet when they are bored. Today, Xiaobian brings 6 cases of small family study decoration, which makes your living room space have unexpected effects

the setting of this desk is completely obedient to the space line. The upper part is the storage space, and the side is a complete storage cabinet. A part extending from the side cabinet is made into a desk with infinite charm, making a small desk more ingenious. If a small space is used well, it will be a big world

there are four shelves on the wall, and the white curtain behind the curtain can also become a large capacity storage place. Under the white background, red is cleverly used to decorate the space with bright colors and warmth

this desk has a simple design, and the combination of several straight lines completes it. It has no bright colors, but it is small and compact. It is properly matched in a concave corner, making good use of the structure of space and relatively independent space. It really kills two birds with one stone. Wall shelving is a good storage function





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