Gansu Baiyin will become the production base of ne

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Gansu Baiyin will become the production base of new polyurethane materials in China

Gansu Baiyin will become the production base of new polyurethane materials in China

October 7, 2008

[China coating information] Gansu Yingguang Juyin Chemical Co., Ltd. has continuously increased its technical research and development efforts, and has extensively carried out exchanges and cooperation between schools and enterprises. At the recently concluded resource-based city sustainable development (Baiyin) forum and the matchmaking meeting of industry university research projects, The "construction of national polyurethane engineering technology research center" and the "R & D and industrialization of key technologies of 100000 ton TDI" industry university research cooperation projects were signed with Lanzhou University of technology and Qingdao University of science and technology respectively. Through the strong combination and complementary advantages between enterprises and universities, high-tech innovation is used to improve the technological innovation ability and industrial development level of enterprises, which will promote the sound and rapid development of enterprises

as an important chemical industry, polyurethane is widely used in various fields of national economy and national defense construction. At present, it is one of the fastest growing industries in China's chemical industry. Toluene diisocyanate (TDI) is one of the main raw materials of polyurethane, and its core production technology is monopolized by foreign multinational companies. However, the scale of several TDI production lines introduced in China does not exceed 50000 tons. Therefore, the only way to ensure the survival of China's TDI national industry is to enable domestic enterprises to own TDI independent intellectual property rights as soon as possible, expand production scale, improve product quality, and enhance market competitiveness and anti risk ability

since its establishment in 1997, Gansu polyurethane Engineering Technology Research Center has completed dozens of scientific research projects. TDI isomer separation process and products, polyurethane elastomers, etc. have won national, provincial and ministerial awards. At present, the center has various specifications of polyurethane foam and products, polyurethane rubber products and raw materials, polyurethane waterproof coatings, grouting materials, etc., so that while ensuring that the equipment meets the requirements of style measurement, the production technology research level of TDI series products is in the leading position in China. The "construction project of national polyurethane engineering technology research center" signed this time will introduce the progressiveness and performance characteristics of 1 manhole cover pressure fatigue testing machine Di production line and scientific research strength and the R & D technical support of Lanzhou University of technology, further develop new products, new technologies and new processes in the field of polyurethane, and speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements on the basis of the scientific and technological cooperation between the original University and enterprises, relying on poly bank company t

at the same time, polybank cooperates with Qingdao University of science and technology, which has the research foundation and strength of isocyanate in China, to carry out R & D and industrial development of key TDI technologies, form a TDI process technology with an annual output of 100000 tons, and strive to ensure that the annual production capacity of polybank is increased to 100000 tons as soon as possible. Thereafter, the annual output value can be increased by 1.8 billion yuan, which will greatly enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise and effectively promote the development of the enterprise into the "fast lane", Baiyin will therefore become the production base of new polyurethane materials in China


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