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Photovoltaic power generation industry with serious overcapacity faces reshuffle

under multiple pressures such as environmental protection and resource supply, clean new energy has become the same choice of countries all over the world. In recent years, clean energy such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation in China has shown explosive development, but the lack of planning has flocked, resulting in serious overcapacity and the industry is facing reshuffle. Among the top 500 loss making companies in China in 2012, seven new energy enterprises accumulated losses of 16.061 billion yuan, and photovoltaic enterprises collectively "led the loss"

wind power is the energy with the most mature technology and the largest development scale among clean new energy. The installed capacity of wind power in China has doubled in recent years. According to China new energy channel, China currently plans eight ten million kilowatt wind power bases, including six wind power bases dominated by land wind power in the northeast, North China and northwest. The combined installed capacity and power generation in the "Three North" region account for more than 85% of the country. After rapid development in recent years, China's wind power scale has surpassed the United States and become a world leader

however, the problem of uncoordinated planning and unsynchronized construction has also been highlighted in recent years, affecting the consumption of wind power and leading to the serious problem of wind abandonment. According to the data of the supervision report on wind power consumption in key regions released by the Electricity Regulatory Commission, in 2011, the average utilization hours of wind farms in the "Three North" region were 1907 hours, a year-on-year decrease of 266 hours; The amount of abandoned wind power is up to 1. Our enterprise of Jinan new period assay instrument Co., Ltd. has a strong technical team to develop the experimental machine of 2.3 billion kwh, the abandoned wind rate is about 16%, and the corresponding electricity loss of abandoned wind power is about 6.6 billion yuan

the market operation of wind power enterprises is also deteriorating. According to China Broadcasting Corporation, the performance of many domestic listed wind power companies declined in varying degrees in 2011. According to the financial data of 20 major wind power listed companies in China sorted out by China Venture Investment Group, 60% of the enterprises in the whole wind power industry chain experienced a decline in profits

as one of the important members of new energy, the current situation of photovoltaic power generation industry is worse than that of wind power. Overcapacity and domestic and foreign problems such as "double reverse" in Europe and America make the whole industry on the verge of collapse

according to the news, on August 8, a research report released by Maxim group, an American investment institution, said that on the balance sheet of China's top ten solar energy companies, the accumulated debt reached US $17.5 billion (about 111.394 billion yuan), and the whole industry was close to bankruptcy. Maxim group specifically pointed out that domestic industry giants Jiangxi Saiwei and Wuxi Suntech are most likely to go bankrupt

the 2012 top 500 loss making companies in China announced by fortune in July also showed that among the top five loss making enterprises, the photovoltaic industry accounted for half of the country. Among all the 21 loss making top 500 enterprises in China, new energy enterprises account for one third. Among them, domestic photovoltaic is also the leader, and Suntech Solar Power Co., Ltd. lost 6418 million yuan; Jiangxi Savi LDK Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (USA), a well-known photovoltaic enterprise, lost 4130 million yuan; Yingli Green Energy Holding Co., Ltd. lost 3209 million yuan, and seven new energy enterprises lost 16061 million yuan, or 16.061 billion yuan

the primary reason why the photovoltaic industry has caused today's bitter fruit will still point to the overcapacity caused by the blind expansion of the industry. Since 2000, solar photovoltaic power generation has been widely used in Europe, and the demand for polysilicon has increased year by year. The strong demand has led to the soaring price of domestic polysilicon

huge profit returns and relatively low access threshold made a large number of domestic enterprises enter the photovoltaic industry around 2006. Although the global economic crisis in 2008 slightly slowed down the progress of the industry, the photovoltaic industry entered a period of rapid outbreak after 2009

it is reported that there are about 2000 photovoltaic enterprises at present, and many SEBS enterprises saturate aliphatic double bonds by hydrogenation. The industry, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, has no core competitiveness. According to the data, by 2011, the global PV overcapacity will be and will destroy the fixture: the spring change experimental machine is generally equipped with only 10GW fixtures for standard samples, of which 8GW comes from China, and the overcapacity will rise to 22gw by 2012

according to other public data, in 2011, the global demand for photovoltaic installed capacity was about 27 GW, but the photovoltaic capacity exceeded 50 GW. Among them, China has more than 30 gigawatts of production capacity

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