Serious green fraud in the national building mater

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"Green fraud" in the national building materials market is serious

the "green fraud" in the national building materials market is serious

July 31, 2003

according to Xinhua news agency, recently, some building materials market surveys in Hebei Province found that the common

building materials in the past have disappeared, and the counters have become green and environmental protection building materials, and even some production processes containing composite materials are still complex and volatile Building materials containing radioactive substances are also labeled as green building materials for sale. There are serious problems such as confusing fake with real and shoddy, leaving hidden dangers for people to build healthy homes. Industry insiders called on to guard against the harm of excessive false fire of healthy and environmental friendly building materials

China Consumer Association recently found that: the national building materials market "green fraud" is serious, the

70% building materials products in the market have no test report, even if there are test reports, mostly top note inspection reports or entrusted to detect

reports, not national inspection reports. p>

in some building materials markets in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, we can see that every stall and business shop are filled with

a wide range of building materials, and special attention is paid on the label. In order to ensure survival, it is clearly a green and environmental protection material, and the use of

is absolutely guaranteed. In the past, ordinary building materials piled up like mountains were somehow difficult to find. In a shop with a large facade in Shijiazhuang, the paint with the label of green and environmentally friendly building materials has a choking smell. Ask, this kind of paint with higher benzene content than

, which does not meet the different standards of environmental protection building materials according to the load measurement method, how can it also be pasted with environmental protection signs. The boss glared and said, "this

is easy to sell."

according to the personnel of the construction supervision department of Hebei Province, so far, only two or three hundred enterprises in Hebei Province have really won the title of "green decoration products". However, due to the popularity of "green" decoration, many enterprises attach the label of "green environmental protection products" to their ex factory products regardless of whether there is a national sampling inspection

report or formal test report. Even some products that were produced in the past, failed to pass the test and were harmful to human body also touch fish in muddy water and sell

under the banner of "green products", but it is consumers who suffer in the end

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