Regular imported food must have Chinese labels

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Regular imported food must have Chinese labels

experimental AIDS: during this period, the illegal addition of non edible substances and abuse of food additives in food have made many citizens tremble when shopping, and they don't know what to eat and what not to eat. Recently, Nanning industry and Commerce Department made it clear to the society that it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of food, especially imported food

visited some supermarkets. In addition to the original information, there is basically another Chinese instruction on the packaging of imported food

Liu Xiaoqin, manager on duty of the supermarket: all imported food must pass the customs, and then pass the inspection and Quarantine of relevant departments. After passing the inspection and quarantine, it can be sold in the mall with Chinese marks

according to the relevant provisions of the AQSIQ on the measures for the administration of imported food labels and the law of the people's Republic of China on domestic product quality, the Chinese color labels of imported food from legal sources must indicate the relevant information of the food in detail, so that consumers can buy food at a glance

Liu Xiaoqin, on duty manager of supermarket: the Chinese label of food must be marked with product name, composition, net content, origin, production date, shelf life, distributor and other relevant marks

imported foods in supermarkets are labeled in Chinese, but the situation of some imported food specialty stores in the city is not optimistic. You can buy a wide range of Japanese candy, Korean drinks and French chocolate in these stores, but it is difficult to find Chinese instructions on the outer packaging of these foods. Many consumers do not pay attention to these details when buying imported foods in small stores

citizen: just stroll around and look at things that are cute and fashionable, and buy things that are fun and delicious. You may not pay much attention to the shelf life and the import of the country of origin

citizen: I pay more attention to its packaging, loveliness or novelty. I buy less in those stores, especially those in bulk

if there is no Chinese description, consumers will not be able to identify the food in the packaging box, which makes it difficult to ensure food safety, and also gives an opportunity to fake and shoddy food and smuggled food. Therefore, Nanning Administration for Industry and Commerce will further strengthen the inspection of the use of additives in imported and exported foods and strictly implement various supervision, inspection and management systems for imported and exported foods. In addition, the market access of imported food will be strictly controlled, and formal imported food can only be sold with Chinese labels

citizen: many people have some allergic reactions to some (contents) of food, such as plant protein or animal protein. When people who can't eat these things look at these signs, they know that I can't consume this product, and I may be able to use other products, so I think this is done very well in terms of safety

citizen: from the perspective of hygiene, it is only sold in accordance with national regulations, which plays a reassuring role in our consumption of imported food. We can guarantee that there is no problem after eating. This is mandatory, and I think it is better to do it

here, we would also like to remind the general public that when purchasing imported food listed on the German capital market, we must pay attention to whether there are Chinese labels on the outer package, or ask the dealer for the hygiene certificate of imported food. This certificate is like the ID card of imported food. As long as the goods are consistent, it can prove that the food is truly foreign

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