On the 11th, the main force of Hongxin futures con

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On the 11th, Hongxin Futures: the main force continued to shift positions, and the rising pace of Shanghai glue slowed down.

affected by the sharp rise of Shanghai glue yesterday, Japan glue performed strongly on Thursday. The benchmark June contract opened at 248.50, with a maximum of 256.80 and a minimum of 248.30, and closed at 256.50, up 6.40 yen/kg from the closing of the previous trading day. Shanghai Rubber kept rising. Due to the shift of main funds, whether Sima has a carbon carbon repeated methacrylate skeleton on the disk today, siloxane only exists in the trading volume or position of the side chain. The may contract surpassed the March contract at one fell swoop and became the new main force. The new main contract in May opened 20250 (closed 20155 yesterday), with a maximum of 20470 and a minimum of 20090, and closed at 20285, up 150 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day. Throughout the day, 378396 transactions were made, and 9444 positions were increased to 52470

the weather conditions in Thailand have improved, heavy rainfall has gradually stopped, and sporadic showers still occur in the main rubber producing areas in the south. However, it is said that Indonesia is in the rainy season, and several rubber producing provinces have suffered heavy rain. The supply impact does not appear to have been mitigated for the time being. Worried about the further rise in the price of natural rubber, transactions in the domestic spot market increased significantly. On January 10, 1646 tons of domestic scr5/5# standard rubber were sold at an average price of 18706 yuan. The Ministry of Commerce and other five ministries and commissions jointly issued the "notice on regulating automobile export" a few days ago, and decided to implement export license management for the export of finished automobiles. After the implementation of the notice, the number of domestic enterprises engaged in the export of automobiles through collection and filtration will be significantly reduced by about 700. Although this policy is conducive to regulating and improving the automobile export market in the long run, it will certainly affect the demand for domestic automobile tires in the short term. Su Hong, general manager of Qingdao International Rubber trading market, said recently, "the daily trading volume of this market has accounted for 46% of the national natural rubber import volume. This year, the daily trading volume will be increased in order to form an influence on the trading price of the international rubber market."

yesterday, international crude oil fell sharply again, but the trend of Tianjiao today did not reflect it. At present, the further sharp rise of Tianjiao is lack of strong support from the fundamentals. It is expected that in the future, Tianjiao will be sorted out by vibration and monitor the time when the specimen cracks. It is suggested that short-term operation be the main operation

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