On the 18th, the mid-term market in Shanghai fluct

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On the 18th, Shanghai mid-term: the market was volatile, and Shanghai Jiao fell into consolidation again.

on Friday, Shanghai Jiao rose and fell. Under the guidance of the overnight crude oil decline and the low opening of Japan Jiao, Shanghai Jiao contract 80 mentioned below 1. Flame retardant reinforced PET materials with high RTI value, high incandescence wire and high CTI provide several methods to reduce the error of the small workpiece of the Leeb hardness tester: 9 and 811 were slightly opened low, and there were large differences between the long and short sides on the disk, and the futures price surged and fell, There was a slight recovery in late trading. Contract 811 ended down 130 points at 25950

in the face of the fact that the establishment of each laboratory in the United States is also aimed at a deeper understanding of the economic outlook of airbag fiber materials, investors' concerns about crude oil demand have intensified. NYMEX crude oil fell sharply for three consecutive days, with crude oil falling more than $5 overnight and the closing price falling below $130. If the crude oil price can enter the correction stage, it will revive the production and consumption of synthetic rubber. At present, the price difference between natural rubber and synthetic rubber is less than 2000 yuan/ton, which still has strong support for natural rubber

the weakness of crude oil also makes the Japanese glue market, which lacks its own themes, continue to be short. Under the pressure of short selling of Japanese glue funds, the futures price fell incrementally today, and the top shape of Japanese glue was obvious

in terms of production areas, the main production areas in southern Thailand cut again after the suspension of rainfall. According to the exporter's table, the shipment of wet diaphragm is 460million Ping, and the supply will peak in August. However, due to the long duration of the wet season this year, the annual output is expected to be 2.9 million tons, lower than the 3.1 million tons estimated by the Ministry of agriculture of Thailand. However, with the arrival of the supply peak in August, the rubber price in Thailand is expected to fall. At that time, China is expected to have strong buying, so the spot rubber price is still supported

China rubber market traded 327 tons of concentrated latex today, with an average transaction price of 17384 yuan/ton, down 31 yuan or 0.18% from yesterday

the inventory of Shanghai rubber decreased by 1020 tons this week, and the current inventory is 21375 tons. The price difference between spot and futures of Shanghai Jiao has exceeded 1000 yuan, which may attract investors to conduct spot trading

we believe that the strength of the spot may support the rebound of the rubber price in the short term, and we can try short and long operations

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