On the 15th of the hottest day, Shanghai Jiao of G

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On the 15th, Guangyong Futures: Shanghai Jiao fell sharply and held short cautiously

on Thursday, Shanghai Jiao rose and fell sharply. After rising slightly in the morning, Shanghai Jiao was pressured by short positions, which could meet the experimental requirements of customers. The futures price gradually fluctuated and weakened. In the afternoon, driven by the grinding range decline in Tokyo Jiao Datong, Shanghai Jiao also plunged, and the main 801 contract fell by more than 600 points to the close, reducing 11674 positions, Trading volume is also significantly enlarged. Tokyo rubber also weakened significantly under the pressure of fund selling today, and most contracts hit the limit. Due to weak technology, there were more high selling in the market. At the same time, the rubber fell below 282 yen per kilogram in the afternoon, triggering a large number of stop loss orders at the green building materials exhibition and the automobile lightweight new materials exhibition, making the futures price weaker again. Technically, Shanghai Jiaotong cement weakened again today, falling below the support of this week's low. At the same time, the futures price also closed below the 60 day moving average. It is expected that there is still the possibility of shock and weakness in the future market. Operationally, it is suggested that investors can carefully hold short orders with a stop loss set

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