On the 14th, a fire broke out in Shanghai Sanyin p

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A fire broke out in Shanghai Sanyin paint factory on the 14th

on the 14th, the graph can show the fire in haisanyin paint factory at the best scale

on September 16, 2004, the electromechanical positive and negative rotation was controlled

at more than 3 a.m. on the 14th, thick smoke billowed over Sanyin paint factory, and the red flames jumped higher and higher, as if they were going to devour the sky... Fortunately, with the joint efforts of the officers and soldiers of Xujing fire squadron, The raging "fire dragon" was completely controlled after 1 hour, and no one was injured in the accident

the Shanghai Sanyin paint Co., Ltd. involved in the incident was located at No. 685, Huaxu road. When they arrived, the iron door was locked tightly, and two PICC on-site survey vehicles were quietly parked aside. Uniformed police and relevant personnel of the fire prevention supervision office entered and left the factory. When the two young men at the door showed their intention to interview, one of the men in red immediately refused the interview, saying that what happened in the factory was just a small thing, which had been handled long ago

however, when we rounded a path behind the plant and occupied a commanding height, we found that a large warehouse of hundreds of square meters was on fire in the northwest corner of the plant. Hundreds of square meters of factory buildings have long disappeared, and there are not even many broken walls and tiles left. What is left is paint buckets that swell into various shapes. The outer wall of a two-story factory building ten meters away is dark. The development of almost a series of products such as wooden doors, floors, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. has proved this. Half of the window glasses were broken by earthquakes. What's more worrying is that the power distribution station in the plant area is behind the warehouse where the accident occurred

but just as he was trying to get close to the scene, the man in red at the gate of the factory suddenly grabbed an iron bar about half a meter long and rushed towards the camera. He must grab the camera in his hand, and more than a dozen men surrounded him behind him. Between pushing and shoving, the camera arm was cut with a 4 cm long cut. During the whole process, no person in charge of the factory intervened in this matter. Later, with the intervention of 110 local policemen, they finally got away safely

from the nearby residents, it was learned that the workshop where the accident occurred in the early morning was the stacking warehouse of paint raw materials. At that time, the fire rose into the air. When the fire was at its peak, it was mainly used to simulate the tunnel traffic scene. Black smoke could be seen 3 kilometers away, and even fragments of the paint bucket that exploded continuously due to heat flew outside the fence

according to Xujing fire squadron, the fire brigade dispatched more than ten fire engines to fight the fire. Because a large number of chemical agents and paint raw materials were stacked in the warehouse on fire, ordinary fire water could not put out the fire at all. Later, with 45 foam fire engines, the fire was put out around 4 a.m

it is understood that Shanghai Sanyin paint Co., Ltd. is a professional paint company, which is mainly committed to the research, development and production of civil decorative paint, architectural engineering paint, industrial paint and special paint. As of press time, the cause of the accident was under further investigation

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