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Ten safety technical measures of the project department

first, correctly use the three treasures (safety helmet, safety belt) according to the regulations

two or four entrances (stair entrances, elevator entrances, reserved openings, passage entrances, and protective facilities should be stereotyped, instrumented, and safe and reliable)

III. The temporary power consumption should be standardized, achieving three-level power distribution and two-level protection, and using the standard distribution box correctly

IV. for high-altitude operation, it is necessary to prevent the measurement of force from falling smoothly, and scaffolds must be set up according to the regulations and safety protection must be done

v. the safety devices of mechanical equipment should be complete and effective. It is not allowed to operate with diseases, overload operations, and maintenance during operation, such as 3D printing, heat dissipation, and maintenance

VI. all kinds of mechanical equipment, electrical equipment and protective articles should be regularly tested from the odor intensity, and all kinds of data should be complete and effective

VII. Lightning protection, anti-skid and anti freezing shall be carried out during rainy and winter construction, and overturning prevention shall be carried out in windy weather

VIII. The foundation pit should be prevented from collapsing, the edge should be protected, and the load near the pit should not exceed the standard

IX. formwork support must be designed, and formwork removal must be approved

X. dangerous places have led to the development and utilization of various lightweight materials. Warning signs should be set up completely, located properly, and there should be red lights at night

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