On the 15th, xinguolian futures rubber was weak, a

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On the 15th, xinguolian Futures: rubber was weak, and rijiao fell by the limit again

Shanghai Jiao opened slightly higher today due to the rise of crude oil. In the morning, it basically remained sideways. In the afternoon, dragged down by the decline of metals, the Bulls closed a large number of positions, and the rubber price fell rapidly, with a peak of 21830 and a minimum of 20700 throughout the day. In the end of the day, it closed at 20910, with 227736 transactions, and the position was significantly reduced to 49422

on the news side, according to the news on November 15 in Bangkok, the spot price of Thai smokeless film (uss3) rose at noon on Thursday, and the TOCOM rubber market was rekindled due to the rebound of crude oil futures. Phuke traders said that affected by the heavy rain before this, which was specifically reflected in the material of the experimental machine itself, the accuracy of the sensor, the precision of machining and other aspects, the rubber production in Thailand continued to be low, but it is expected that the rubber supply situation in the central market in Thailand will improve steadily. The market trading remained quiet, as participants continued to be cautious, sellers held inventory and waited for prices to rise, while the rise in rubber prices made buyers wait-and-see. In the Heai center rubber market, with the development of sensor technology, USS reported 79.55 baht per kilogram, and 78.66 baht at the end of Wednesday morning trading. The continuous rainfall in southern Thailand has led to tight supply, which has become the main fundamental positive factor for the rise of natural rubber prices. However, as Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia are about to enter the peak season of rubber cutting, as long as the weather remains normal, this fundamental positive factor will weaken or even disappear compared with ordinary construction fiber fires. Recently, the weather in the main production areas of Thailand has improved, which has improved the spot supply, but on the whole, the supply continues to be light due to the early rainfall. In terms of technology, the Japanese glue rose and fell rapidly after being affected by the rise of crude oil. It closed at the limit at the end of the day, and the daily line fell below the 30 day average. MACD indicators showed death crossover, and green columns appeared at the same time. RSI indicators showed a decline from the overbought range, indicating weakness. Influenced by the panic selling of bulls, Shanghai Jiaotong fell sharply today and fell below the 60 day moving average. The gap in the early stage was basically filled, but there was no obvious strong support between the current price and 20000. At the same time, MACD indicators showed that it was moving downward, the length of the green column increased, RSI showed that it was moving downward, and there was a demand to explore 20000. In the near future, it was dominated by short selling ideas, and it could choose to sell at an appropriate high level. By 2020, the total industrial output value of the new material industry was expected to exceed 50billion yuan

operation suggestions: short trading is the main idea, short selling at high prices, 21200 stop losses

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