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Youda Optoelectronics (Kunshan) sixth generation LTPS factory successfully lit the first 5.5-inch Full HD panel

on August 9, Youda optoelectronics held the lighting ceremony of the sixth generation LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) LCD panel at its Kunshan factory in Jiangsu, China, to show the leading chip 5 produced by Kunshan factory. The 5-inch Full HD Full HD LTPS LCD panel has created an important milestone for the long-term layout of Youda in Chinese Mainland. Youda Kunshan factory is expected to start mass production in the fourth quarter of this year, and will provide high-quality mobile product solutions to nearby customers with high-end high-quality LTPS capacity with global competitiveness

from the left, chenchenyang, deputy director of the Management Committee of Kunshan Development Zone, chenhongxiang, general manager of Youda optoelectronic mobile products business group, yaolinrong, Secretary of Kunshan municipal Party committee, Peng Shuanglang, chairman of Youda optoelectronic, duxiaogang, mayor of Kunshan, zhuyongquan, general manager of Youda optoelectronic Kunshan factory

ltps Technology has the characteristics of high resolution, narrow frame, light weight and low power consumption, and is an important display technology for small and medium-sized mobile products. Youda Kunshan factory has a leading one-stop production advantage. The manufacturing process covers the front TFT array and color filters, in cell touch control, middle cell and rear module, and will produce high-level intelligent panels, embedded touch panels and notebook computer panels. Youda launched product quality research and development. The size of glass substrates produced by Kunshan factory is 1500x1850 mm (mm), and the monthly production capacity of glass substrates planned in the initial stage is 25000 pieces

the size of the glass substrate produced by the sixth generation LTPS (low temperature polycrystalline silicon) of Youda Kunshan plant is 1500x1850 mm (mm)

PENG Shuanglang, chairman and CEO of Youda optoelectronics, said: "The one-stop production advantage of Youda Kunshan factory can provide customers with timely and complete solutions, assist customers to develop products as soon as possible, and meet the rapidly changing market demand. Youda has invested in LTPS technology research and development and production for many years, has mature mass production experience and master a number of key patented technologies, and has full confidence in Kunshan factory Shun 2. Mass production and rapid improvement of yield according to the different hardness units measured. Kunshan factory It will effectively improve the supply and market share of Youda in high-level production capacity and promote the development of LTPS technology in China. "

Youda also has 14 years of successful experience in China. Engineers of Kunshan factory show 5. 5-inch Full HD LTPS LCD panel

Kunshan factory is Youda's first front-end process panel factory in Chinese Mainland, which is of great strategic significance and fully shows Youda's confidence in deeply cultivating the Chinese market. Youda Kunshan plant has more than 400 technical teams from Taiwan and Chinese Mainland. Since the start of the project, it has shown a high degree of execution and efficiency. From the installation of the first batch of production equipment to the successful lighting of the first panel, it took only more than four months to achieve the goal. Peng Shuanglang stressed that Youda Kunshan plant will also take advantage of its victory and give full play to its accumulated technical and process advantages for many years to become an LTPS panel plant that has been achieved with the fastest speed from installation, lighting to mass production, creating a new industrial record

Youda also thanked Kunshan municipal government and Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone for their full support. Before the whole planning preparation of Youda Kunshan plant to the full cooperation during the installation and production period to reset the display data of electronic test instruments, the equipment assistance was adjusted so that Kunshan plant could quickly and smoothly promote various businesses. Kunshan Economic and Technological Development Zone is an important optoelectronic technology industry base in the mainland. Youda's investment in the development and production of new generation LTPS technology in Kunshan will further drive the development of local industrial supply chain and become a new driving force to promote the innovation and technological upgrading of Kunshan optoelectronic industry

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