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Kunming is light yellow for new urban buildings and new residential buildings

Kunming is light yellow for new urban buildings and new residential buildings

February 18, 2014

[China paint information] Kunming is constant color

what kind of urban main color should spring city Kunming have? A few days ago, Kunming Planning Bureau released the guidelines for color control of urban buildings in Kunming (for Trial Implementation). Within the urban planning and construction area of Kunming, the main color of the wall of new residential buildings is recommended to be light yellow, and the main color of the facade of industrial buildings should be light gray

color planning

residential building wall

main color: light yellow system

the main color of residential building wall is recommended to use light yellow system. The color system comes from many historical and current buildings in Kunming, and can be well integrated with the natural climate conditions in Kunming

the selection of auxiliary colors for the walls of residential buildings can be diverse, but the area should account for less than 20% of the facade. The lightness and saturation should not be too high, and should be coordinated with the main color. Natural building materials, matt tiles or natural inorganic coatings should be used as much as possible to make the outer wall of the building show its own beautiful natural texture and color. For residential buildings with sloping roofs, roofing materials with low reflective coefficient shall be used

industrial building facade

main color: light gray system

the main color of industrial building facade should be light gray system. The auxiliary colors can be varied, and the area should account for less than 20% of the facade. If metal plates are used for the roof of industrial buildings, roofing materials with low reflective coefficient must be used

historical and cultural blocks

main color: consistent with the color of historical buildings

the color of buildings in the coordination area of historical and cultural blocks, historical sections, cultural relics or historical buildings should be consistent with the color of historical buildings in the protection area

Dianchi Lakeside Area

main color: special creation needs expert demonstration

the lakeside area near Dianchi Lake is the architectural color control area, and the color of residential buildings should adopt the color recommended in the guidelines. If special architectural creation needs to use other color systems, it must be fully demonstrated by experts before it can be used

public buildings, business residential buildings

main color: not within the control range

business residential buildings mixed in urban public buildings and core areas are not within the control range of the guidelines, and can be adopted according to the needs of architectural design and creation on the premise of reflecting aesthetic principles. Office management buildings in the industrial zone are also not controlled by the guidelines

focus question and answer

why should we control urban color

according to the news released by the official of Kunming Planning Bureau, in order to implement the requirements of "Kunming should highlight the color of spring, show the elements of evergreen seasons and the fragrance of birds and flowers, and create a forest like, garden like and environment-friendly green city", which was put forward by Qin Guangrong, the Secretary of the provincial Party committee, when investigating the urban planning and construction of Kunming in September 2013, in accordance with the decision on accelerating the construction of a world-famous tourism city, Kunming Planning Bureau commissioned the planning and design unit to analyze and study the color of urban residential buildings and industrial buildings. Through combing the influence of Kunming urban architectural history, climate and culture on architectural color, the "guidelines for color control of Kunming Urban Buildings" (Trial) has been formed, which will be able to obtain completely accurate plug-in force experiments. Since the guidelines have not completed the legal procedures, they are in the trial stage and are for reference only. They will be officially released after being approved by Kunming municipal government

the reason for the formulation of the guidelines described in the pilot version of the guidelines is: "in order to better shape the urban characteristics of Kunming, form the urban architectural color that combines with history and culture and conforms to the regional and climatic characteristics of Kunming"

how to determine the main color of the city

the urban architectural color of Kunming should be coordinated with the urban landscape environment of Kunming, suitable for the climatic characteristics of Kunming with transparent air and strong sunshine, and pay attention to reflecting the historical and cultural connotation of the city

the architectural color control in the planning area follows the principle of artistic aesthetics, which not only forms the individuality of urban color, but also does not hinder architectural creation, and forms a relatively consistent color background within the overall urban scope, that is, China's new generation of large jet C919 with completely independent intellectual property rights successfully made its maiden flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport on May 5. The color tone is basically unified, and the auxiliary color controls the brightness and saturation of architectural color

where do you need to control the building color

according to the guidelines, the scope of architectural color control is the urban planning and urban area determined by the master plan of Kunming, namely the main urban area of Kunming, Chenggong New City and airport new city

the types of buildings included in color control are new or reconstructed residential buildings and industrial plant buildings within the scope of high-frequency fatigue testing machine in urban planning area equipped with corresponding experimental fixtures

expert comments

Wang Peiming, deputy dean of the school of urban construction of Yunnan University: yellow is related to French colonization, light and bright, which is in line with the climatic characteristics

the choice of light yellow residential buildings is in line with the urban characteristics of Kunming. From the perspective of history and culture, the traditional streets of Kunming, such as Jinbi Road and Tuodong Road, are mainly yellow, and the entry of this yellow system into Kunming is also related to the historical French colonial factors. Kunming is close to the tropics, and its light and bright colors not only conform to the climatic characteristics, but also bring comfort to people from the senses. Industrial buildings adopt light gray system, which can not only retain the natural color of building materials, reduce construction costs, but also give people a refreshing feeling

the control of urban architectural color has become an important part of planning in cities at home and abroad. Although the color system of residential buildings may be different due to the preferences of the owners, which is aesthetic for a single project, it is not so harmonious for the whole city, which is too "colorful" and lacks the keynote. For color, we can't simply evaluate which color is good or bad, but the choice of urban color is like making a dress. Each piece of material is beautiful, but when combined, it seems too jumping and not so "building", which is also the embodiment of the importance of urban color coordination

in addition, the determination of the main color of the city will have a multifaceted impact on the creation of the city image. The color of the building facade also needs appropriate urban greening landscape plants to match and coordinate with it. For Kunming new city such as Chenggong New Area, it is based on the blood connection of the old city of Kunming, and has its own historical characteristics and development trajectory. The color setting can also be further considered


see three kinds of color houses at a crossing

the colors of many residential buildings in Kunming are impressive. The cyan gray of Hetang moonlight community, the dark pink of jinkangyuan, and the brick red outer wall of Junyuan with light green windows have been regarded as a popular collocation

Wang Peiming, deputy dean of the school of urban construction of Yunnan University, once felt the dark pink of jinkangyuan on the Second Ring Road, and then sighed for the blue Department of another community: "how can this be?"

standing at the intersection of Dianchi Road and Xiyuan Road, looking around, you can see more than three residential communities with great color differences. On one side of the road is an apartment community with red as the background color and silver as the grid line, on the opposite side of the road is a newly built building with dark gray and light gray, and the large residential community on one side and the second ring road is mainly in beige

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