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Kunming Huamai Logistics Co., Ltd.

Kunming Huamai Logistics Co., Ltd. is a professional logistics service provider with the southwest region (Yunnan) as the logistics node, connecting the Yangtze River Delta region and the Greater Mekong subregion. Founded in 2004, the company is a comprehensive logistics service enterprise engaged in highway railway combined transportation, sea railway combined transportation and logistics scheme design and planning

relying on the development opportunity of the western development, the company contracted and operated 81502 "five scheduled trains" railway transportation lines of the Ministry of Railways in the "western important town (Kunming) - eastern central city (Shanghai)" and gradually provided and improved services such as railway transportation, road transportation, urban distribution, storage diversion, loading and unloading and logistics solutions, so as to build a logistics channel from Eastern and Western China to Southeast Asia and South Asia

the transportation mode and route of our five fixed railway trains:

1. Less than carload transportation: the trains are mainly unloaded at Zhejiang Jinhua station, Hangzhou Linping station and Shanghai Beijiao station, and the distribution service covers Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other provinces in East China

2. Vehicle direct: vehicle materials can reach Jinhua and other countries within the jurisdiction of Shanghai Bureau directly

the train runs once every two days, with 26 wagons per trip, carrying various bulk and less than carload cargo businesses, with a daily and weekly transshipment volume of 800 tons and an annual transportation volume of 250000 tons

advantages of five scheduled trains:

1. Simple procedures: there is no need to declare the railway vehicle plan

2. Large freight volume: the loading capacity is 60 tons/vehicle, meeting the transportation demand of bulk goods

3. Safe and reliable: self loading and self unloading, providing claim settlement services

4. Economy and flexibility: the transportation price is determined by the enterprise through negotiation according to market changes

office address: Room 6, Wanxing garden business building, No. 194 Guanshang Guanxing Road, Guandu District, Kunming, Yunnan Province

postal code: 650020

email: hm56 (fax) that is, indirect measurement and direct measurement

Kunming site (receiving and sending):

the results of this test must be inaccurate. The receiving address: No. 2 special line (Shanghai line) of the transfer station of wangjiaying provincial supply and marketing cooperative in Chenggong County, Kunming City

Fax: (fax)

Shanghai Office (distribution):

Office:, (fax)

Beijiao station site: 510 after entering the report display page, due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries 11720, (fax)

Linping station site:, (fax)

Jinhua station site:, (fax)

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