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Kunming Pharmaceutical Group and its pharmaceutical packaging

1 Introduction to Kunming Pharmaceutical Group

Kunming Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1951, formerly known as Kunming Pharmaceutical Factory, is the first state-owned pharmaceutical enterprise in Yunnan Province and the largest comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise in the province. It was restructured into a joint-stock enterprise in December 1995 and listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in December 2000 (Stock Code: 600422). In 2002, Kunming Pharmaceutical Group successfully introduced its strategic partner - Huali group, forming the advantage of strong alliance, and introduced the management concept, operation mechanism and corporate culture of excellent private enterprises in developed coastal areas, accelerating the pace of development

now Kunming Pharmaceutical Group has developed into a national key high-tech enterprise, a national pharmaceutical research leading listed company, China's top 50 pharmaceutical industry, and China's top 12 western patent medicine exports. It has 7 wholly-owned, holding and joint-stock companies, including Kunming Pharmaceutical Sales Co., Ltd., Kunming traditional Chinese Medicine Factory Co., Ltd., and Kunming Baker Norton Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a pharmaceutical research institute, a post doctoral scientific research workstation and a pharmaceutical design institute. The group has more than 2900 employees

(1) Western preparation of traditional Chinese medicine shows its scientific and technological advantages

Kunming Pharmaceutical Group relies on the unique natural conditions, a wide variety of traditional Chinese medicine resources and rich and colorful national pharmaceutical culture in Yunnan Province, takes "green Kunming medicine and the well-being of mankind" as its business philosophy, and takes the development path of high-tech industrialization of natural drugs and modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. The scientific and technological advantages have been extended to seven aspects, including the separation and extraction of effective components of traditional Chinese medicine, the research of new pharmaceutical preparations and new processes, and the research of quality standards of traditional Chinese and Western medicine

as early as the early 1950s, Kunming Pharmaceutical Group developed natural plant drugs such as atropine, reserpine, diosgenin, etc; After being restructured into a joint-stock system, it has successfully developed more than 40 new natural drug products with advanced levels at home and abroad, such as Panax notoginseng saponin series, gastrodin series, artemether series, breviscapine, aconitine a, etoposide, etc., and has shown the advantages of branding, specialization and scale. Kunming Pharmaceutical Group now has 14 national level new drugs, with polycarbonate buffer between titanium alloy endplates, including 5 national class I new drugs, accounting for 1/7 of the total number of independently developed new drugs in China; There are 15 invention patents for natural botanical drugs

Kunming Pharmaceutical Group will take improving product quality and ensuring the interests of consumers as the core direction of its efforts, establish and improve a strict product quality assurance system, an efficient and sensitive market feedback mechanism and a perfect after-sales service quality assurance system, invest hundreds of millions of yuan in technological progress and technological innovation, and introduce the advanced washing, filling and sealing linkage production line and packaging equipment of Bosch Company in Germany, It has trained a large number of specialized technical personnel in the pharmaceutical industry, accounting for 64% of the total number of the company, effectively ensuring the safety, effectiveness and controllable quality of drugs, and the qualified rate of product market sampling inspection is 100%. Artemether API of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group passed the GMP certification of Australian Therapeutic Products Administration (TGA) in January, 2002

(2) customer first, honesty and trustworthiness

Kunming Pharmaceutical Group has established a marketing network covering all provinces, cities and autonomous regions of the country and cultivated a professional sales team with the marketing professional ethics of advocating team spirit, abiding by the code of ethics, pursuing excellent performance and caring for customer needs; Taking advantage of Yunnan's location in the China ASEAN Free Trade Area, we should actively explore the Southeast Asian market for natural drugs; An African market with Tanzania as the center and radiating the whole African continent has been established to promote export trade and project cooperation. At the same time, it has established long-term cooperative relations with international multinational companies Novartis of Switzerland and Aventis of France, and has established cooperative relations with the World Health Organization and the United Nations Children's Fund for the supply of antimalarial drugs

(3) enterprise development vision

in the future development, Kunming Pharmaceutical Group will continue to rely on rich natural drug resources, take the rich national history and culture as the link, and with the help of advanced medical science and new technology, combine the traditional medical experience of all ethnic groups in Yunnan with the modern pharmaceutical industry, gather the strength of the world, achieve the great events of Yunnan, and build an aircraft carrier of China's natural drugs based on China, looking to the world and the future, In the global research and development, production, promotion of natural drugs, strive to achieve the strategic goals of enterprise scale, marketing internationalization, management modernization, industrial specialization, resource integration and behavior marketization, and become an outstanding representative of the scientific and modern natural drugs in the world and the most internationally competitive pharmaceutical multinational enterprise in China

2 from the development of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group, the development level of pharmaceutical packaging of pharmaceutical enterprises in Yunnan Province

(1) the current situation of pharmaceutical packaging of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group

Kunming Pharmaceutical Group, as the largest comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise in Yunnan Province with a 53 year production history, has a total of 195 varieties and 323 specifications of drug production approvals, and routinely produces more than 80 Chinese and Western medicine products, mainly in three dosage forms of injections, tablets and capsules, Give consideration to some granules, powders, sprays and liniments. There are many kinds of products, complete specifications, and various packaging forms. According to the factors such as product added value, market selling points and scale advantages, it is divided into two parts: special key varieties and generic drugs. The packaging forms are mostly traditional packaging: the injections are packaged in ampoules or controlled antibiotic glass bottles plus cartons, taking polyurethane insulation materials as an example, and the tablets and capsules are packaged in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyester (PE) plastic bottles Aluminum plastic blisters are packed in cartons, powders and granules are packed in paper plastic composite bags and cartons, and sprays and liniments are packed in plastic bottles and cartons

at the beginning of 2003, Kunming Pharmaceutical Group spent nearly 40million yuan to introduce from Bosch Company in Germany two fully automatic injection washing, filling and sealing linkage production lines with the concept of international advanced pharmaceutical machine, and one automatic packaging production line and aluminum-plastic blister packaging production line for oral agents, which greatly improved the packaging grade and packaging efficiency of characteristic key products, and made the product packaging grade of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group leap to the domestic leading level

the washing, filling and sealing linkage production line of injection adopts intelligent control technology to ensure that the filling process of liquid medicine is under monitoring for 24 hours, meets the requirements of international GMP standards, and the production and packaging efficiency reaches 400 boxes per minute; An important date: the secondary open in-line paper packaging is not only novel in appearance, light and compact in volume, but also its unique internal honeycomb structure has good stable seismic performance compared with the traditional packaging, effectively avoiding product damage caused by improper transportation and storage, which are critical to the performance of manufacturers and equipment; Aluminum plastic blister packaging equipment for oral agents adopts full line inspection and control technology, which can automatically remove defective products that hinder use, such as insufficient weight and poor appearance in the packaging process. The packaging efficiency is as high as 280 boxes per minute, and all performance indicators have reached the highest standards of similar products in the world; The internationally popular strip packaging is adopted. Two layers of medicinal strip packaging film (SP) are used to clamp the tablets in the middle, and the unit drugs are separated by a certain distance. The inner side of the two layers of SP film around the drugs is heat sealed on the strip packaging machine, and the tooth marks are pressed between the drugs, forming a form of unit packaging (single packaging or small packaging in rows), which conforms to the development trend of international drug packaging and is convenient for production, transportation, storage, carrying and use, Make the product more humanized

the consumption value of packaging materials of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group in 2004 was about 30million yuan, of which needle and tablet paper printing materials accounted for 55%, ampoules, plastic bottles, PVC hard tablets, etc. accounted for 45%. With the continuous and rapid development of the group, the adjustment of variety structure and the expansion of market capacity of characteristic key products, the annual consumption of pharmaceutical packaging materials showed an increasing trend, which put forward new requirements for the variety, quality, quantity and price of pharmaceutical packaging materials

in order to reduce the purchase cost of raw and auxiliary materials, Kunming Pharmaceutical Group established a raw and auxiliary materials bidding committee to purchase drug packaging materials according to the competitive bidding situation of each packaging material manufacturer and the principle of selecting the best and the nearest. However, since there is no ampoule manufacturer for injection in Yunnan Province, all ampoules for injection of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group are purchased outside the province. In addition, some pharmaceutical plastic bottles, PVC hard pieces, capsule shells, PTP aluminum foil and self-adhesive bottle labels can only be purchased outside the province, with a purchase amount of about 12million yuan per year, because the number of printing enterprises that meet the printing qualification in the province is extremely limited and cannot be supplied in a timely manner and at a good price. The procurement of other packaging materials has been provincial

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