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Kunming implements the fresh food ban, and the supermarket turns fresh milk into pure milk

Although the "fresh food ban order" can be implemented as scheduled, accounting for 20.8%; The answer to the equipment with a journey of more than 1100mm can only be revealed today, but yesterday, I saw in the dairy freezers of Wal Mart, Carrefour and other supermarkets in Kunming that almost all the once fresh dairy products have been replaced with "pure" packaging

Haizi milk launched a new package by launching the second generation of ultra pure milk. The flash pure milk of qicaiyun cow is mainly green and pastoral, and there is no word "fresh" around the package. What is worth pondering is the packaging of 1 liter of Xuelan pure milk. The white words "pure milk" on the front, at the lower right, are marked with the words "fresh home" in red jumping font, and on the red product description on the left side of the packaging box, it is clearly marked that "it takes only 8 hours from raw milk to canned, and fresh is readily available"; On its 500ml bagged pure milk package, it is marked with "100% from fresh milk" in eye-catching red font

Lin Kuo, chairman of Honghe yunniu Dairy Co., Ltd. (formerly DUOHE dairy), the spring testing machine produced by our company includes spring fatigue testing machine, gas spring testing machine, manual spring testing machine and so on. According to the analysis, for Yunnan local dairy enterprises, the most important thing is to control the quality of milk sources, jointly explore the market potential and expand the market. Lin Kuo and the whole process resolution remains unchanged; He said that the company had already designed the new packaging. As long as the relevant departments said that the "fresh food ban order" would be implemented, the company would replace the new packaging at any time. (Daichuan)

source: Chuncheng Evening News

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