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Yunguo digital trading center project site selection Kunming pilot free trade zone 10 billion Yunguo industry is ready to emerge

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recently, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Yunnan Province issued the "China (Yunnan) pilot Free Trade Zone State owned enterprises to introduce foreign capital to deepen the reform of mixed ownership and investment promotion announcement" (hereinafter referred to as the "announcement"), which shows that in order to give full play to the reform advantages of the pilot Free Trade Zone, For the three projects including the international cloud fruit center digital economy trading center cooperation project (hereinafter referred to as "cloud Fruit digital trading center"), funds will be introduced to the whole society for mixed reform

according to the analysis of the announcement, after the completion of the cloud Fruit digital trading center project, a cloud fruit industry digital trading center with aggregation capacity will be formed internally, and a fruit international trade system connecting Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam will be formed externally, which will drive a new pattern of cloud fruit industry with social investment of 2billion and annual sales revenue of about 10billion

the project is expected to invest 500million

the Yunguo digital trading center project is located in Kunming area of China (Yunnan) pilot free trade zone. The total investment of the project is expected to be 500million, and it is planned to be carried out in three phases. The first phase plans to invest 10million yuan, mainly for online platform construction and pilot operation; The second phase is expected to invest 100million to build a fruit trading hall; The investment in the third phase is expected to be 390million. It is planned to cooperate with various parties to jointly carry out project development and later operation, and build a cloud fruit center oriented by digital economy

at present, the above-mentioned projects have been invested by Yunnan Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "cloud investment group"), and the DuPont high performance materials division has built the first "international cloud fruit center digital economy trading platform" in the country that announced the price adjustment of products, and the first launch ceremony of the platform was held in Huaping County, Lijiang City in August 2020. On the same day, through the platform auction, 40000 Jin of mangoes were sold in five minutes, and all of them were delivered to buyers at the beginning of the next month. At the same time, the early stage of the project also signed cooperation agreements with a number of pilot projects such as mango industry in Huaping County and bayberry industry in Fumin County

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next, cloud Investment Group will promote the infrastructure construction based on digital operation center IOC, auction hall, counterparty trading market, logistics distribution center, sorting, rating, packaging, processing center, cold chain logistics system, cross-border multimodal transport, etc. Finally, a Yunguo auction industrial park with industrial aggregation capacity will be formed in Kunming area, and an international fruit trade system covering the whole province and connecting Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam will be formed

the announcement proposed that the above projects would be implemented by investing in new mixed ownership companies (including foreign capital); The partners are upstream and downstream enterprises or entrepreneurs in the domestic and foreign fruit industry, cross-border logistics, cross-border e-commerce, auction and other advantageous fields related to the cloud fruit center, and the equity is determined according to the actual face-to-face negotiation

the annual export volume of Yunguo reaches 1.6 billion US dollars

as the world's largest fruit producer and importer, under the guidance and support of relevant policies and guidelines, China's fruit and vegetable industry has made many good achievements in "going global" and "introducing another cervical vertebra device, freedom cervical vertebra artificial intervertebral disc (Figure 7)" of foreign high-quality fruits. At the same time, the annual export of fruits and their products in Yunnan is 742000 tons, with an amount of 1.61 billion US dollars, ranking first in the single export amount of agricultural products in the province; The annual export volume of fruits in China is 3.544 million tons, with an export volume of 4.89 billion US dollars. Yunnan fruits account for 33%, ranking first in the country

there is no fruit auction center in Yunnan, nor a centralized, standardized and large-scale fruit trading center to support the import and export trade of fruits. Yunnan still has a lot of room for development and development in this field

the project of building Yunguo digital trading center in Yunnan has a series of advantages such as policy, location and platform. Yunnan connects the three major economic circles of China, Southeast Asia and South Asia. It is a frontier channel for China to face south Asia. In the past six months, 30 technicians including Manuel Torres, the founder of mtorres, have completed the opening of five regions in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, southern Europe and Africa. Especially in the context of the formal signing of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) and the upcoming opening of the China Laos railway, this project has brought great development opportunities for Yunnan's agriculture to go global

According to the analysis of the announcement, after the completion of the digital cloud fruit center project, it is expected to drive social investment of 2billion, annual sales revenue of about 10billion, annual tax payment of about 1billion, annual profit rate of about 3%, investment payback period of 6-7 years, drive social employment of 10000 people, and the project will continue to play a role for at least 10 years

at present, the above projects are under the construction and operation of Yunnan Zhongwei Logistics Information Industry Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Yunnan Digital Economy Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd., a subordinate enterprise of cloud investment group

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