Optimizing process and reducing power consumption

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The acrylic fiber plant of Daqing Petrochemical Company optimized the process to reduce power consumption

from January to May this year, it was said that the invariance of this type of model was related to the sample. The unit power consumption of acrylic fiber plant of Daqing Petrochemical Company was getting higher and higher, and the unit power consumption increased by 17.59 kwh/ton of silk compared with the same period last year. The situation was very serious. The system workshop, a major power consumer in the acrylic fiber plant of the company, organized technical forces to analyze the cooling efficiency of the brine and ice machine. By adding desalted water to the brine, the concentration of the brine prepared by the refrigerant was reduced from 30% to about 25%. Its density, specific heat and thermal conductivity were increased, and the viscosity was correspondingly decreased, improving the cooling effect of the brine. After the salt water was replaced at the end of May, in June, 11b0.308 ice machine operated for 30 hours, and the unit power consumption has been reduced to the index range, which is the lowest one month in the first half of the year

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