Optimization of ergonomic design for the hottest f

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A series of social and material factors such as the development of society, the progress of technology and the renewal of products should be optimized for food packaging machinery, so that people can enjoy material life and pay more attention to the evaluation of products in terms of convenience, comfort, reliability, value, safety and efficiency, that is, the humanized design problem often mentioned in product design. The development of food and packaging machinery products has reached a certain stage, and the simple functional design can no longer meet the needs of users. With the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the change of people's consumption concept and the improvement of aesthetic requirements, users also began to transfer their rough maintenance. The mechanical removal unit organized the arrangement and implementation strategy to make a statistics and put forward higher requirements for the appearance quality, ergonomic design, comfort and intelligence of the products, That is, the personalized demand of food and packaging machinery products is the research and development direction. In the past, the working factors of operators were seldom considered in the design of food and packaging machinery, resulting in more fatigue and injury of operators. Therefore, it is necessary to start with ergonomics, study the adaptability, reliability, safety and comfort of human-machine in food and packaging machinery engineering, and put forward optimization measures for human-machine engineering of food and packaging machinery, so as to achieve the best efficiency of human-machine system. We look forward to the future. In accordance with the principle of ergonomics, we have continuously improved the food and packaging technology and equipment, improved the quality of workers, and improved the working environment. Through the optimization and coordination of human-computer systems, we have effectively improved the level of production safety and ensured the safety of food processing and production

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