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The intensification of market competition and the development of computer technology make enterprise informatization inevitable. As an important part of enterprise informatization, productdatamanagement (PDM) plays an important role in realizing enterprise information integration, improving enterprise management level and product development efficiency. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, PDM has been widely used and successfully implemented; In China, with the deepening application of computer technology in enterprises, many enterprises have begun to realize the necessity of implementing PDM, and some enterprises have already or are preparing to implement PDM

Jim foster, chief petrochemical market analyst of P Platts in developed countries in Europe and America, said: if nothing unexpected happens, the difference between the high success rate of DM implementation is that some domestic enterprises implement PDM only to achieve simple drawing and file management, fail to give full play to the functions of PDM system, and some are not user-friendly and inconvenient to apply, There are only a few enterprises that have successfully applied PDM systems (especially (5) the increase of continuous experimental fixtures or multi-functional fixtures is an enterprise level PDM system). The reason for the above phenomenon is that PDM system is different from general CAD and other application systems. It requires a long period of implementation and customization, and the process of customizing PDM system. And the quality of implementation will directly affect whether PDM plays a full role in the enterprise and achieves the expected results. The implementation of PDM is a systematic project, which needs to be guided by good implementation methods. Although foreign well-known PDM manufacturers generally have a set of implementation plans supporting their products, these plans are often aimed at the working mode of European and American enterprises, which is not consistent with the actual situation in China. The high risk value, low success rate and long implementation of PDM have become obstacles for enterprises in PDM Application, which will further affect the further development of PDM market, the improvement of enterprise informatization and the shortening of product development cycle. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a set of implementation methods suitable for China's national conditions to guide enterprises to implement PDM

II. Traditional PDM implementation steps

pdm implementation is highly customized, and different enterprises may have different specific steps to implement PDM projects, but the abstract implementation steps are consistent. Torsten hupe, global automotive business manager of SGPPL, said that the implementation package of PDM system includes the following steps (as shown in figure-1):

determine the implementation scope and objectives

first, determine the management scope supported by PDM system, whether it is for working groups, departments, enterprises or cross regional enterprises; Secondly, it is necessary to determine the application scope of PDM, whether it is general drawing management, design and manufacturing process management, or more extensive application; Then determine the implementation time span, whether to complete a certain goal in turn or by stages; Finally, determine the goal of PDM implementation

organize the team, draw up the plan

after the goal is clear, it is important to quickly set up a PDM implementation group as a specialized agency to be responsible for the implementation, application and promotion of PDM. The implementation team shall prepare a specific implementation plan to determine the work progress of the project

software selection and personnel training

select and purchase appropriate PDM software, carry out training for relevant personnel, and determine appropriate partners according to the objectives to be achieved by the enterprise and the functional requirements for PDM implementation

data collection and analysis

at this stage, it is required to analyze the four aspects related to PDM implementation: personnel, data, activities and infrastructure. Personnel means to define the organizational relationship and responsibilities of personnel; Data refers to the definition of managed data objects and the organizational structure of data objects; Activities refer to clarifying the process of activities, determining which processes are designed for PDM implementation, and clarifying the activities in the process and the data supporting activities, staffing, and data generated by activities. Infrastructure refers to clarifying the existing information infrastructure of the enterprise and determining whether it can meet the requirements of PDM implementation

information modeling

information modeling is based on the results of data collection and analysis in the stage when the drive cannot work normally. Generally, there are six resume models: personnel management model, product object data model, product structure management model, product configuration model, process management model and information integration model. It also defines the user interface and the integration structure between the application system and PDM system

figure - 1 basic steps of PDM implementation

system customization and integrated development

use the customization means and development tools provided by the PDM system to carry out secondary development of the detailed design content in the specifically selected PDM software, so that each model can be realized in the PDM system. At this stage, the integration of PDM software with cad/cam system, MRPII system, document system and other application software shall be completed to prepare for the next stage of "system implementation"

system implementation

after the above steps are completed, the following work needs to be carried out: system commissioning and testing in order to find problems in operation and correct them in time; User use and training; Formulate rules and regulations to ensure the safe and stable operation of PDM

system adjustment

the previous work refers to completing the sequential cycle of PDM implementation. When problems are found after the system commissioning and testing, the original design should be readjusted, or new content should be added according to the needs of the enterprise to enter the next round of implementation cycle

because the traditional PDM implementation method adopts the serial working mode, that is, after the previous stage of work is completed

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