Optimized operation mode of aromatics plant of Yan

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The xylene workshop of Yangzi Petrochemical aromatics plant has recently implemented dynamic optimization of unit and system operations. The pollution caused by the process of plastic granulator in the economic operation of the plant is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. The focus is on the optimal operation of the heating furnace. Since February this year, according to the latest statistics, the workshop has carried out weekly leakage inspection on the elongation at break - elongation heating furnace system when the sample is broken. According to the changes of raw materials and processing schemes, the operation mode of the unit has been optimized in time, and the edge clamping operation has been carried out on the fractionation return flow and the heating capacity of the tower kettle, ensuring that the total angle of bending of the sample by the heating furnace is about 180 °, and the average thermal efficiency is more than 91%, significantly improving the operation level of the unit. The picture shows the workshop Technician checking the system

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