Mantingfang crystal wall material

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1、 How much demand does the seemingly inconspicuous decorative painting have in the domestic market

  &# 160; At present, according to the market survey of decorative paintings, 74% of the respondents said that by purchasing decorative paintings and home decorations to decorate the room, they reflected their personality and taste; The total output value of China's home decoration industry is increasing at a rate of about 20%, and the total output value of the national home decoration industry is increasing at a rate of 30% per year. Among them, the expenditure of fine products accounts for about 20% of the expenditure of furniture. Therefore, the demand for home decoration will grow rapidly. In many cities, there is no special cultural market, and there are a few galleries and arts and crafts stores, which are small in scale, few in production, single in form and high in price, and cannot meet the growing needs of consumers. China's booming real estate market, rapid urbanization and attractive art investment market are the markets for decorative paintings

 &# 160;&# 160;&# 160;&# 160;&# 160; As a form of artistic expression, decorative painting is an edge art between painting and pattern design. In short, it is the painting of decorated houses, also known as line painting. Its wide range of types touches all visual forms. From the perspective of tools and materials, painting can be divided into ink painting, oil painting, mural painting, printmaking, watercolor painting, gouache painting, etc; In terms of subject matter and content, painting can be divided into figure painting, landscape painting, still life painting, animal painting, etc; From the form of works, painting can be divided into murals, New Year pictures, comic books, posters, illustrations, etc. Different types of painting forms, due to their different historical traditions, have their own unique forms of expression and aesthetic characteristics. Oil painting is the representative of Western painting, and it is also the most influential painting in the world decorative painting art. Decorative paintings can be expressed in three-dimensional, relief, object and photography. Traditional mounting, frameless mounting, etc. "The decorative painting industry is a cultural and creative industry in the final analysis. Its core lies in originality, scarcity and sense of value, which cannot be measured simply by price." In particular, art reproduction and deep processing of art reproduction also deepen cultural creativity. For mature decorative painting industry channels, crystal decorative painting is a vacancy in the decorative painting industry. Any form of painting, as long as it can be processed into a plane, can be made into a unique crystal grain decorative painting. Its unique photosensitivity and visual impact will definitely stand out in the decorative painting industry

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