In the name of basketball, show the style of Johns

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It's hot in summer. How can we lose basketball games? The team of this competition is composed of Alibaba headquarters and Johns. Look at everyone's readiness, the competition will be very exciting

the breath of the wind, the chirp of cicadas, and the summer is slowly approaching with us.

How can there be less intense and exciting basketball games in this season?

the team of this game is composed of Alibaba headquarters and Johns.

look at everyone's readiness, the game will be wonderful

our slogan is: the ball will score, and jonkins will win

basketball is every boy's dream

for it, the players are willing to pay time and sweat, Pay attention

the days spent with the team members

are the indispensable wonderful moments of "Johns"

the referee gives the order

the employees jump up high

to compete for the ball right of the first attack

the basketball court belongs to our world

we should dominate

the wonderful scenes of fast attack and defense constantly staged a perfect cooperation

every wonderful steal, Every wonderful goal

set off another climax on the scene

the whole game was in high spirits

the players showed their magic powers

everyone's heart was like the basketball in the hands of teenagers

beating with their figure

fast break wonderful pass dunk

and the players who made the game colorful

, Like the wolves,

persistent struggle, unity and cooperation

action is the code

tacit understanding is our biggest weapon

consistent steps, firm eyes

when the ball enters the box,

cheers surround us on the

court, Not only do hot-blooded men sweat

the cheerleading team has also become a beautiful scenery

even the agents came to the scene to cheer for the basketball players

they brought a little relaxation for the intense basketball game

and cheered for the players

and added a color to the originally wonderful game

such a wonderful moment, How can I miss it?

finally, I want to thank all the players who fight and work hard in this competition

the general administration department that provides logistics support

and all the cute girls who cheer loudly

in the name of basketball

publicize your personality and youth

may you always be young

may you still have a basketball dream

no basketball

no blood




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