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There is no end to learning. If you want to make progress, you can only rely on continuous learning. The launch meeting of the Lean Project of commodity quality was officially launched on July 28. Lean production is just the beginning, and the concept of lean production will run through the production and operation of enterprises

"I swear: I will promote the Department from top to bottom, starting from every little thing in the work; persevere, so as to achieve the goal of upholding the essence of quality! I will organize and lead all members of the Department to actively cooperate with the implementation of lean projects, and have confidence in the success of the work, full of hope! I am willing to share the achievements of upholding the essence of quality with others, and work hard to create a positive and enterprising corporate image with Xindi characteristics! Work hard! Try again! Our goal The target is to create a lean benchmark and standardize on-site management; Stimulate the vitality of improvement and establish a long-term mechanism. "

at the "lean project launch meeting" of Shangpin Bense held on July 28, a solemn oath came from the conference room on the fourth floor of marketing. Mr. Zhang Jingbo, vice president of Shangpin Bense, led all participants to solemnly swear, which pushed the launch ceremony of our lean production project to the climax. Mr. Zhang Zhihua, President of Shangpin Bense, Ji yongyawen, President of Yuanfa international lean Dojo, Ma Guocheng, leader of Lean Project Zhangzhicheng, the production director of Shangpin Bense, as well as the middle-level and above cadres of Shangpin Bense and the heads of all teams and groups also attended the meeting

at the meeting, Mr. zhangzhihua, President of Shangpin Bense, made an important speech. Mr. Zhang pointed out that at present, the per capita output value of Shangpin Bense is relatively low. After 13 years of development, our market has grown, our scale has grown, and our staff has also grown. However, production efficiency and quality control have not been improved synchronously, and an efficient and excellent management model has not been truly formed, and we are facing top competitors in the industry, What are our competitive advantages and new growth points? In the current situation of continuous decline in the domestic economy, lack of motivation for industry growth, and complex and volatile external environment, Shangpin's true colors must dare to deny itself and take the initiative to change in order to be better and more outstanding, so that employees can have greater benefits. For this reason, we have chosen lean. Through the implementation of lean projects, we should cultivate a number of management talents for Shangpin essence, and gradually promote Shangpin essence to lean enterprises

Yoshihiro Yawen, overseas support expert of Toyota (Japan) production investigation office, director of Yuanfa international consulting company and President of Yuanfa international lean dojo. He proposed that lean production must support the strategy, and lean production should not be fooled at all. He hoped that through the joint efforts of both sides, the goal of "training teams, improving efficiency, comprehensively improving and achieving excellence" could be truly achieved

then, Ma Guocheng, the leader of the lean project, introduced the organizational structure, personnel allocation, responsibility and authority, project content and project objectives of the lean project, clarified the promotion ideas of the lean phase I project and put forward specific requirements, and explained the lean production concept from simple to in-depth in combination with successful cases and the actual situation of the product

on how to effectively promote this lean project, Mr. Zhang Jingbo, vice president of Shangpin Bense, put forward four requirements: first, we should change our thinking and have an empty cup; Second, we should strengthen teamwork; Third, we should follow the goal orientation, create tangible benefits, and realize the synchronous growth of organizations and individuals; Fourth, introduce new ideas, lead innovation, and transform to lean development. The implementation of lean production is based on the need to build a solid foundation for development and actively respond to market competition. Lean production is the top priority of the whole year. Today, the lean production project has been officially launched. In the near future, we should really see the effectiveness of lean production in our work. Finally, Mr. Zhang asked all departments to do their best to participate in lean work. He himself will set an example and participate in it to jointly promote lean production projects

the pilot area of this lean project was also announced at the kick-off meeting, and the leader of the pilot team was awarded the license on site. They said that they should strengthen their confidence, continue to improve, implement lean production in every bit of change, form a good behavior model, form a Lean culture driven by the whole Shangpin essence, and submit a satisfactory answer to Shangpin essence

the true color of goods will improve production efficiency, execution and improvement through lean production, expand the development space of enterprises, and realize historic changes





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