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Bring higher efficiency for recycling and granulation in the plant

with the rising price of raw materials, many injection molding parts manufacturers have used recycled pellets in their extrusion production lines in order to reduce production costs, including Wago kontakttechnik GmbH, a manufacturer of injection molding parts. The company has a long history of using recycled pellets in production, but in the past, its recycling and granulation were entrusted to external contractors. Due to the lack of strict technical specifications and formal regulations, many manufacturers and contractors of injection molded parts mix up to 50% of the recycled pellets into the raw materials to produce some injection molded products. Although this reduces the production cost, it also reduces the quality of injection molded products and recycled pellets

in order to improve the flexibility of production and better control the quality of recycled pellets, Wago decided to install granulation equipment in the plant and invest in purchasing its own extrusion production line to process PA, PA66 and PC wastes. It is very important for Wago to obtain a complete solution of recycling granulation from a single supplier

Figure 1 the high efficiency of bartonfield's single screw extruder in recycling and granulation of injection molding waste has been proved

as a very advantageous granulation solution supplier, bartonfield extrusion technology company (hereinafter referred to as "bartonfield") can provide various perfect processing technologies for granulation process, including feeding equipment, extruder, extrusion die and downstream equipment, control system, etc, Especially in terms of granulation equipment, pattenfeld is recognized as one of the equipment manufacturers with the most products. To this end, Wago finally decided to equip its plant in sondershausen, Germany with recycled material granulation equipment developed by Battenfeld. So far, the equipment has been running successfully for 6 months

pattenfeld has equipped sondershausen's factory with a multi-component automatic weighing feeding system, a 34L/D single screw extruder with a diameter of 90mm and a set of underwater granulator production line. Up to now, the injection molding waste of all Wago factories has been recycled in the factory to keep it clean, that is, the newly made hydraulic lock grain. Depending on the material of the processed recycled material, the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine of bairuo instrument adopts high-precision load sensor to measure the force, and the output range of the production line is 330 ~ 400kg/h. It is reported that the utilization rate of the equipment is very high, which enables Wago company to maximize its production capacity and product quality, and recover the investment cost in only three years

Mr Rainer Severin, the plant manager of Wago company, said: "we are very satisfied with the turnkey granulation production line provided by bartonfield and the support and after-sales service they provide. At present, our production line is running very stably. We believe that bartonfield's equipment for recycling injection molding waste will help us finally achieve cost optimization." (end)

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