Chinese ambition of chemical giant Ineos

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Chemical giant Ineos's Chinese ambition

Jim Ratcliffe is thin and tall. He is a long-distance runner. This summer, he spent 11 hours in South Africa to finish a 90km race; At the beginning of the short film for the 15th anniversary of the company, he ran into the camera with a group of colleagues. Of course, he ran in the front

no matter you call him the number one capital master among the world's petrochemical engineers or the number one petrochemical engineer among the capital masters, it's not wrong. Otherwise, it's hard to explain how the 61 year old founder of Ineos made his nameless chemical industry enterprise grow into a global chemical giant in just 15 years, making friends with PetroChina, BASF and total

at the age of 40, he spent £ 39 million to buy its fine chemicals business in South England from BP, which was the first time Ineos made a sale. You have to take out every child and put it on the table. If you fail, you will be penniless. It turned out that he was right

since then, he has initiated several acquisitions in the petrochemical field, and the latest acquisition record was on December 18 this year. Today, Ineos has businesses in 11 countries, 51 manufacturing plants, more than 15000 employees worldwide, and sales of US $43 billion in 2012. It is the largest private company in the UK. Although its sales ranking among the global chemical giants slipped from fourth to sixth, Ineos is still the largest global supplier of several chemical products widely used in industry

as a member of the global billionaire club, Jim RA enhances the technical development and utilization ability of non-ferrous materials. Tcliffe likes to keep a low profile. For many years, he has never been interviewed by the media. When the workers at his petrochemical plant in Grangemouth, Scotland went on strike due to labor disputes earlier this year, the media could not help complaining that they knew little about the behind the scenes boss of the plant

this habit didn't change until recently. He decided to try to interview a small number of carefully selected media. In the past, it gave people a low-key impression because we were a private company and our products were not sold directly to consumers. He explained this change in an exclusive interview with 21st Century Business Herald, which has always been the focus of port quarantine prevention and control. Now we need to do more in this regard, because we need to recruit good people, This is important for a company that is growing to one-third of global food production

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