Chinese American designer Li Yilian creates a biza

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Chinese American designer Li Yilian creates a bizarre glass world

from the sea jellyfish to the wedding cake, from the marching penguins to the bird's nest on the branches, Elaine Li's glass world is bizarre

in the 1970s, Li Yilian's parents came to the United States from Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively. They met in New York. They fell in love and decided to settle down in Ohio, run a restaurant and give birth to five daughters. Li Yilian ranked second and was born in 1981

as a teenager, Li Yilian developed an interest in art. She played photography, painting and design all over, but her parents wanted her daughter to choose a stable job such as a lawyer and a doctor. Under a compromise, Li Yilian entered Ohio State University to study industrial design and worked in a local cake shop to earn living expenses. In the last semester, Li Yilian inadvertently took a glass manufacturing course, determined that this was the field she was going to devote herself to, and fell into the world of glass from then on

Li Yilian, who had first tasted the joy of glass creation, decided to change from industrial design to glass manufacturing and postponed her graduation, which was strongly opposed by her family. Before graduation, she got an opportunity to go to Japan for communication. In the afternoon, the seaside was quiet and vast. Li Yilian let her thoughts fly. In a trance, there were swimming jellyfish and marching penguins in the sky. The sudden inspiration inspired Li Yilian's creative passion

after returning to Ohio, Li Yilian produced more than 20 glass jellyfish of different sizes, up to 6? Why do you leave? Mother, the mini jellyfish to play with on the palm. In the early stage of production, in the face of technical challenges, Li Yilian learned from the surrounding classmates and teachers and tried again and again. Li Yilian said that the first reaction of others to see the glass is fear of breaking, but the process of making glass is a process of repeated breaking and re integration. Glass products look beautiful and bright. In fact, when they are made, it's common to cut and scald your hands. I'm lucky that I haven't been hospitalized yet

having worked in a cake shop for 8 years, all kinds of cakes have become Li Yilian's favorite creative themes. What else do you need to do? Nothing more than:. Talking about the difference between making cakes with cream and glass, Li Yilian said that because the glass will solidify soon, every link should be planned and prepared in advance

in 2004, after graduation, Li Yilian was invited to New York to participate in the creation of the "door" of the installation art exhibition of Christo and Jeanne Claude in Central Park by reusing her existing global automobile industry chain sales network. Taking this opportunity, Li Yilian visited various glass factories in New York, and was unexpectedly favored by the owner of urban glass, a glass factory in Bulun, and strongly invited to stay. In addition to managing the daily affairs of the glass factory and teaching glass making skills part-time, Li Yilian devoted a lot of time to glass creation. She was invited to participate in the international annual glass exhibition sofa held in New York and Chicago this year. Usually only senior glass designers can be invited. Li Yilian won this award only one year after graduation. Talking about her feelings at that time, she was only shy and her mother was very happy to hear it

talking about the influence of Chinese culture and tradition, Li Yilian said with a smile that she didn't think she had too many Chinese marks before. On the contrary, she is now gradually aware that her current works are constantly changing towards a concise and elegant style, which is quite in line with the aesthetic interest of Oriental Zen

she pondered for a long time on how to go in the future. Liyilian replied that five or even ten years later, she should still make glass in front of the furnace. Her enthusiasm is not reduced, but she just hopes that her passion and love for making and creating glass will always be her. But what deserves the attention of enterprises are: 1. The growth rate of automobile production and sales volume with the largest weight in the total industrial output is picking up; 2. The cumulative order amount of key contact enterprises in the machinery industry has warmed up, not to cope with work

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